Lil Kim’s Bentley Repoed, Months Behind On Payment

Repo men at Lil Kim's door stepIs Lil Kim in financial trouble? We’re not exactly sure, but in a recent news report, she hasn’t sent in a payment for her silver Bentley in months.

In a news report from News York’s CW11 news channel, Lil Kim was visited by repo men in a report focusing on the rising number of auto repossessions.

When repo man Cyro Miranda, of the Commercial Service Corp., visited the female rapper at her home to tell her she was at least four months behind on payments, she blew them off, telling them “she’d have her accountant take care of the problem.”

Miranda, however, said he was just hoping she’d hand over the keys, so things would be easier.

“She didn’t wanna cooperate,” Miranda told CW11’s reporter. “Basically, she told us to get off the property. We were hoping that she’d give us the keys, being that it’d be the right thing to do. It’s not her vehicle.”

Shortly after the repo men walked away from her door, CW11 reporters confronted the rapper to ask for comment. She wasn’t very happy about it.

When the reporter said he was reporting on “the economy and the issue of repossessions,” Lil Kim responded with “Oh please, get the f*** outta here. You are so f***ing ridiculous.”

In a statement to, Kim’s camp said the repo is out of the rapper’s hands. “The car was a gift, given four years ago. This matter is currently being resolved and is completely out of Kim’s hands,” said Tracy Nguyen, Kim’s publicist.

According to the Commercial Service Corp. repo businesses are busier than they’ve ever been, and all across the nation, repossessors are reporting 15-20% increases in business.

However, it’s not only the poor who are getting their cars taken, as you can see, Lil Kim being an example.

“Another stereotype situation is that the people who lose their cars are poor. It’s not the truth at all. The truth is it’s pretty evenly distributed throughout the entire economic base,” said Commercial Service Corp’s Art Christensen.

He also added that when they show up, they are taking the car, whether you like it or not.

“We’re really not there to negotiate. The customer, many times, does not understand that we’re gonna take the car with or without their cooperation,” he explained.

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