David Banner Set To Finally Drop New Album, Readies Multiple Projects

David BannerDespite constant delays with this fifth album, The Greatest Story Ever Told, Mississippi’s David Banner is moving in overdrive, and apparently have two more releases ready to go as well.

The rapper recently told Billboard.com that the long-delayed release is now due for June 3, and in addition to two more albums in the can, he’s got a weight-loss DVD coming as well.

Although The Greatest Story Ever Told was due out last year, Banner is optimistic about his career.

“Most rappers in this day and time don’t get to make it to their fourth or fifth album, so I feel very blessed,” he told Billboard.

He also revealed that at one point during the recording of the new album, he abandoned the project to begin work on his next album he says will be titled 13, which will be an “acid blues hip-hop” type project.

The third music project he’s got in the works is a companion album for his Adult Swim cartoon show, “That Crook’d ‘Sipp,” which is due out later this year, according to Billboard.

As far as the weight-loss DVD, he became inspired to help others get into shape after he dropped 54 pounds through diet and exercise. He said his plans added 20 years to his life and wants to do the same for you.

There is no release date for the DVD that is still untitled.

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