Grandaddy SoufRapper Grandaddy Souf is set to file a lawsuit against Miami’s Club Mansion for allegedly assaulting him eight month ago. The nightclub, however, denies his claims.

According to the Miami Herald, the rapper (real name: Anson D. Watts) will file suit next week, in which he will say he was beaten by ten Mansion bouncers during an August 2007 party.

The club called the planned lawsuit “opportunistic” and that they haven’t heard about the incident until Friday (April 25).

“The only information Mansion has about this August 2007 incident comes from Souf’s PR person … who said Souf was the aggressor in an altercation with fellow patrons,” Vanessa Menkes, the club’s spokeswoman, told the paper. “Mansion … can only imagine this is an opportunistic attempt almost one year later to capitalize on the publicity surrounding Mansion to benefit his own career.”

The incident produced a photo, snapped by a passerby, of the rapper laying unconscious on the sidewalk in front of the club with his pants pulled down.

The paper reports that the 35-year-old Souf rapper explained that he was approached by a member of the venue’s security team who requested the rapper’s credentials.

As Grandaddy Souf attempted to explain who he was, the bouncer, who is unknown in the suit, allegedly answered, “I don’t give a f*** who you are,” and followed by striking him.

In retaliation for the punch, the rapper shoved the bouncer, which is when the group of ten bouncers assaulted him, stripped him of his clothing and dumped him outside the club. When he awoke, he had been robbed of a $10,000 watch.

Following the alleged beating, Grandaddy Souf was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital’s emergency room, but did not file a complaint.

“I didn’t know it was within my rights,” he told the paper Friday.