Lupe FiascoChicago rapper Lupe Fiasco is obviously different from most of the rappers in the game. His fashion sense is different, but has been influencial, alongside others like Kanye West and Pharrell. But what about his jewelry game, or rather his lack of?

While in the UK, the rapper chopped it up with BBC Radio’s Tim Westwood, who called him out when he noticed the chain he was wearing. “That’s a real weak ass chain dog. That’s the thinnest chain I’ve ever seen man. Your chain game is weak,” Westwood said to Lupe jokingly.

Lupe’s response was simple — he doesn’t need all that.

“What you want me to walk around like Rick Ross?” the rapper asked. “I’ve been in this game for a very long time, and I gave all that stuff up when I was 19. Check the old videos. The old video cameos with Lupe Fiasco with two Rolexes on.

“My chain is weak, but my watch game is crazy though,” he added, displaying his gold watch.

Westwood, however, wasn’t impressed. “That watch is tidy man, but it’s not really blinging in the hip-hop sense of the word.”

Laughing, Lupe explained why the gaudy jewelry isn’t needed, and simplicity is more his style.

“You don’t need all that. It’s overkill. That’s overdoing it,” said Lupe. “I like simplicity and subtlety. That commands more respect than a bunch of garbage in your face. … You don’t need ice, no diamonds. I’m sorry I had to come up here with the wack chain.”

The Chicago rapper, whose sophomore album The Cool is in stores now, further explained why he’s isn’t overly flashy about money, and his outlook on being in the public eye.

“[Being famous] is a part of my life, this isn’t my life,” said Lupe. “People try to live their life out in these 5, 6, 10 years that they got the camera on them. They try to live they whole life through there and forget that they might live to be 90. Yea, you ballin’ now, but you got 50, 60, 70… retirement plans and things of that nature. Retirement plans ain’t just putting money up, that’s making sure you have your sanity and everything when you walk up outta here.

“Some people get caught up in this life, and be dead. But this isn’t my motivation. My motivation is far beyond being in… I don’t even like being in the camera. … I still got plans, I love hip-hop, but it isn’t something where I wake up everyday like ‘Yo, I need to go be on MTV, or BET.’ It drains you. It’s like syrup, you get addicted and committed to it and you start losing your mind out here. The money doesn’t move me,” he continued.

Fans can catch Lupe on Glow In The Dark Tour with Kanye West, Rihanna and N.E.R.D., which runs through June.