The GameThe Game has begun press again, as he gears up for the release of his third album, Los Angeles Times (LAX), for the summer.

Following the controversy of release dates brought forth by 50 Cent, who said he would push the rapper’s album back to make way for the G-Unit group album, The Game called into San Diego’s 93.3 radio station to clarify.

After 50 Cent made his comments, both The Game and G-Unit’s albums were pushed back to dates in early July. The Game claims he was the driving force behind that, and maintains control.

When asked if 50 pushed LAX back, he said, “Nah, I pushed his album back. I’m Mr. Interscope. I pushed his back to the 1st, then a week later, on the 8th, I’m gonna come behind it and I’m gonna clean up all the broken CDs.”

With the beef brewing again between the hip-hop enemies, the radio interviewer then asked if teaming up with Ja Rule would be a possibility, in an effort to go at 50 once again.

“Nah, I never needed help with that man … just me and a broom,” he responded.

Talk then turned to a recent list by Yahoo Music! where they ran down their top 25 MCs, and Game weighed in with his own lists — the top 5 of the best and worst of all time.

Game’s top list ran down like a who’s who in the genre over the years, including NWA, Rakim, Kool G Rap and Big Daddy Kane. One artist, in particular, that the rapper named isn’t the usual choice for most — Spice 1.

“Everybody leaves Spice 1 out,” he said.

His worst list, which he called the stank list, included G-Unit — which he said included himself when he was there — former football star Deon Sanders, and NBA players Cedric Ceballos and Kobe Bryant.

He even weighed in a little about why Kobe made the list.

“Kobe had one [song] with Tyra Banks that was so stinky, you could smell it three days before trash day,” Game explained.

One person Yahoo added to their list was Will Smith, Game, however, did not agree with that at all, saying “Nah, Will Smith didn’t make the top 25 worst list. Will Smith is iconic in hip-hop.”

The Game also revealed plans for a possible tour with Lil Wayne beginning in the summer dubbed the Blood Brothers Tour. While he admitted it’s in the work, he said nothing is concrete yet.

He said that if the Weezy tour didn’t formulize, fans would definitely catch him on tour during the summer with another act.

Los Angeles Times (LAX) is due out July 8.