TreachTreach, known in the hip-hop world as the frontman for group Naughty By Nature, was detained and questioned on Tuesday (April 22) in New Jersey after multiple shooting took place throughout the city.

Local police said they stopped a dark Hummer Tuesday afternoon driving erratically, which was driven by the rapper (real name: Anthony Criss).

When pulled over, police discovered Treach was wearing a bulletproof vest. However, no weapons were found in the vehicle, but one was recovered nearby.

It wasn’t clear if the rapper is a suspect or if he is being held any longer.

Just in the past 24-hour period, New Jersey Police said that two men shot and killed each other, while five other were wounded.

In addition, a 27-year-old man was arrested for shooting a police sergeant, as well as two other shootings that the man committed within a five minute time frame.