G-UnitThe showdown is on. On June 24th, there’s three big releases on deck for to hit stores — The Game’s Los Angeles Times (LAX), G-Unit’s Terminate On Sight, and Nelly’s Brass Knuckles.

However, according to 50 Cent, his competition will probably only be Nelly. Why? Because he plans to push Game’s album back, since he still has control over his project, he says.

In a converation with MTV, 50 explained that he will push the Compton rapper’s album back to make way for his G-Unit group’s project.

“I’mma wait a little, then I’m just gonna push his album back,” 50 told MTV. “I don’t think there’s anyone that would legitimately look at him like it’s a competition, him versus G-Unit. But, I think it could potentially recreate what was created with East Coast-West Coast… that energy. You got people who would side with youjust before you’re from the East Coast and side just because like ‘Yo, I don’t really rock with Game, but this the West homie.’ You feel what I’m saying? It just doesn’t make sense. I earn money every time he releases an album. He signed a five-album deal. He’s only on album three.”

The first two singles from the upcoming G-Unit album will be “I Like the Way She Do It” and “Rider Pt. 2.”

However before its release, there will be at least one more mixtape — the highly anticipated G-Unit edition of DJ Drama’s heralded mixtape series Gangsta Grillz.