Donny GoinesHave you ever heard this term before? New media refers to things such as blogs, podcasts, internet videos, websites, etc. and basically is just referring to the new forms of media we use to promote and spread the word. I’m surprised that people out there still don’t understand how important these tools are.

Many people argue that new media can never replace the “old” media (things such as print publications, physical CDs, DVDs, etc.) and honestly I agree. I don’t think you can ever replace a good read from a magazine, or the feeling of buying a new CD from the store. But one thing is certain, times certainly have changed. Although you might find people out there that still love to do things the old fashion way, many are starting to gravitate towards the new technology. One of the reasons I believe this is happening is because we are a people of “convenience” (some would say lazy for a lack of better words) and we want things quicker, instantly and anytime we choose to have it. You can’t go to a newsstand at 3 o’clock in the morning, but you can definitely log on to the internet and find what you’re looking for. Blockbusters might be a couple of miles from your house, but the computer is right at your fingertips. So how does this affect your hustle?

This month I’ve been featured in two magazines. As of this year, one of my goals was to expand my public awareness via these specifics forms of media. You will start to see me appear on DVDs, in magazines, at the mixtape spots, etc. Because at the end of the day, this is something that can’t be ignored. No matter HOW big my new media buzz is there are some people who just don’t use computers. That’s life. The internet is not the end all of this, you have to encompass all forms of media in order to succeed. This is my situation though (and you notice its sort of backwards right?) and the reason I bring up my marketing strategies is because many people do things the other way around. They focus primarily on the “streets” and in the process, don’t utilize the new media out there appropriately. Make no mistakes people, new media is not an option, it’s a necessity. I am a prime example of what new media can do for your career and you would be a fool not to utilize it. It’s not just the websites, YouTube, the blogs, etc. It’s ALL of these things combined. You have to really attack these media outlets (whether systematically or all at once) relentlessly. No matter how you go about this process just understand that it has to be done. There’s no way around it so just embrace it and get ya hustle on.

As far as myself, I am in the “visual” aspect of my new media campaign. There is a reason that you are starting to see more YouTube videos and things like that. It’s all apart of the plan. No matter how you go about it though, just make you DO IT, haha. Much love.

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