AshantiR&B singer Ashanti’s latest video, “Way That I Love You,” has had the internet buzzing as of late, making fans wonder if the song was about her long-rumored boyfriend Nelly.

In the song, the 27-year-old singer describes heartbreak after she finds out her boyfriend has been cheating on her. Since the video has dropped, people have speculated that Nelly was the boyfriend in question.

This, however, is not true, Ashanti tells People.

“It’s not!” Ashanti responded when asked if the mystery boyfriend was Nelly. “I wrote that record last summer … The song is just about real life. It’s for every woman who has gone through it.”

So, it’s not Nelly. But are they are couple? They’ve yet to go public about any relationship, and it seems like it’s gonna stay that way at the present moment.

“We’re really, really good friends,” she said.

Back to the song. In some of its lyrics, Ashanti talks about going through the “boyfriend’s” sidekick, which is where she finds out the heart wrenching truth — he’s been cheating.

It’s more than a song though. This isn’t too far from reality, she admits.

“Of course I’ve snooped! Before [sidekicks] came out, I was snooping through regular cell phones, Skytel, everything! Whatever he had out, I was all in it,” he told People.

The song is one from her upcoming album, The Declaration. A release date has been set for June 3.