50 CentThe controversy surrounding Young Buck and 50 Cent continues to get deeper and deeper. After recently revealing that he had booted Buck from the G-Unit group, 50 addressed rumors of Buck’s financial situation and alleged loans.

While speaking with Sohh.com, the G-Unit leader said he had yet to speak with Buck since making the announcement of Buck’s departure from G-Unit on Hot 97 last week, saying “[Buck] can hear it on the radio like everybody else.”

After false comments from Buck surfaced claiming the rapper had yet to receive a royalty check from G-Unit, the tension between the two has increased. 50 said he was shocked by the alleged comments.

“That was a shocker from Young Buck,” 50 said. “The last thing that I felt would ever be even said would be that [the members of G-Unit] weren’t paid because they actually were overpaid.”

50 credited Buck’s excessive spending habits as one of the main reasons the Southern rapper has acted out over the past few months.

“He lives like a drug dealer,” he told Sohh.com. “When the artist spends excessively to the point where he doesn’t actually have that money anymore, out of desperation he says whatever he can say to try and fix situations.”

As for the recent rumors that 50 Cent recouped money he loaned to Buck from his royalty checks, he says that’s not true. While he admitted that he helped out Buck when he was in a bind with the IRS, he says he’s yet to collect, and hasn’t ever tried to.

“No, I never took a royalty check to recoup for anything,” 50 said. “Yeah, he had tax trouble. I helped him like I helped everybody else.

“With Buck there was points where it was up to $330,000 that I had loaned out to him [and] he continued to spend the way that he would regularly spend,” he added.