Kelly Divine

During this installment of BallerStatus’ EYEgasim, we talk to Kelly Divine, a brand new porn star… well less than a year, brand new. She’s from Philly, and has re-located to Cali’s Porn Valley, where she’s determined to take the adult world by storm.

The 23-year-old bootylicious Kelly gives a rundown of how she got into the sex industry, what it’s like and a little about herself. Oh, and for the fellas, she gives you guys a little advice about how to approach those porno girls, what to do and what not to do. Read on to find out… How did you get into the porn industry?

Kelly Divine: It wasn’t something that I always wanted to do, but I always kind of knew that I would end up doing it. I tried to avoid it for some time, which I may have well just did it. I always knew — I don’t know why. I used to always joke with my friends like “I’m gonna end of doing porn, I know it. The only thing I’m good at is sex (laughs).” So how did it go down?

Kelly Divine: I used to work in offices and stuff and everyone would tell me “You should be a model.” I started doing modeling, but because of my body type, I always got lingerie and bikini and it was so boring. The pay wasn’t that good either.

Everybody starting offering me adult work, talking about the money and I kept saying no until the money sounded too good. I just tried it, did it. I wasn’t nervous or anything. When you did your first scene, you weren’t nervous at all?

Kelly Divine: Before I had got into the adult stuff, I was only with girls. I had boyfriends in high school, but after that I was with girls for like five years — only girls. The only thing I was nervous about was having sex with a guy after all that time of not, and that it was for adult movies. I was nervous, but it was fine. I flew all the way from Philadelphia to California and just did it. I dove in head first. When you started doing it regularly, was it everything you expected?

Kelly Divine: I didn’t know what to expect. All you ever hear is bad stuff about it and all this craziness, but it really isn’t that bad. Of course, you always meet some crazy people. For the most part, it’s as professional as adult movies can be. No, it is what it is. There’s tons of girls in the industry, so what sets you apart from the crowd?

Kelly Divine:
I’m way different than other girls, at least from the ones I’ve met. It’s like a job for me. I don’t do anything extra outside of it, if you know what I mean. I’m really nice, and I’ve very down to earth. So when fans talk to me or come up to me, I don’t think like “Ohhh, I’m Kelly Divine.” Even on MySpace, I talk to everyone who emails me. I always message them back, even if it’s a million of them. I find myself, on my days off, sitting in front of the computer replying to messages all day. I still do it. I don’t want people to think that I think I’m better or too important or something. So what is that important to you?

Kelly Divine: That’s just the way I am. I’m just not that type of person… like I’m not a bitch. I don’t like confrontation, I’m very nice. I like to be approachable. If I had a big head, I think I would be disappointed because everything that goes up comes down. I don’t wanna be one of them old ladies that still thinks they’re hot. I wanna be able to just transition back to normal, whenever that happens. You’re only less than a year in, so how has your experience been so far?

Kelly Divine: It’s really fun. I meet very interesting characters. It’s just fun. I get to have fun and make a lot of money. And what about making the move to Cali from Philly?

Kelly Divine: California takes some getting used to. It’s way different from the east coast. So is the adult industry what you plan to build yourself in, or do you plan to branch off?

Kelly Divine: I would like to do both. [Porn] is not embraced by the mainstream, but I think it’s becoming a little more accepted. So I think people can go back and forth more. I’m focusing on adult now though ’cause that’s what I excel in… (laughs). What’s coming up in the future?

Kelly Divine: Well, we launched my website in March. It’s called Hopefully that works out well. I wanna learn more of the behind the scenes stuff and start making my own movies, so I can stop working for everybody else eventually. What’s on your website?

Kelly Divine: Everything. It’s all reality based stuff and it’s crazy. There’s stuff you won’t see me do on my videos, but will do on my website. Anything Kelly Divine, you get. You can talk to me on the phone.

When I jumped into this, I wanted to do it all the way. I didn’t wanna get in for a few months, make some money and leave, because that stuff is always gonna be out there. Your family will still be able to find out about it. I figured if I was gonna do it, I was gonna do it 200%. So, how did your family take your leap into porn?

Kelly Divine: I don’t even if they know or not. I didn’t tell them at first. They knew some of the modeling I’ve done was topless ’cause they seen some pictures… my mom anyway. I don’t tell my dad though. My mom, when I first moved out here, she was like “Oh my God, that’s porn valley, be careful.” And she’d be like “Are you doing anything nasty out there?” I joke with her like “Yes mom, I’m doing gangbangs (laughs).” She kinda laughs about it.

When I went home (to Philly), I had my laptop out, and I didn’t realize that my site popped up. She was like “What the hell is that?” So I told her, that’s what I do. She just laughs about it. She tells people I do “dirty modeling (laughs).” She laughs at it. I don’t know if she’s in denial about it or not, but I just leave it at that. Have you had any crazy experiences since starting?

Kelly Divine: Not really. After being on the set of movies, nothing really surprises me. I’ve been recognized at places though, which kind of catches me off guard. One time, someone at the mall screamed across the place “Hey Kelly, I seen you on the internet.” I kind of was like “Oh my God.” I mean, I could have been with anybody. It was ok, but if he would have come up and said hi, that would have been better, ’cause I could have been with my mom. You mentioned how you were into girls before porn, is that still what you prefer?

Kelly Divine: I like both, but I’m a faithful girlfriend. I was just with my girlfriend, so there was no guys. But I like both. So are you still together?

Kelly Divine: I’m single. This is the first time I’ve been single in so long. When I first started, I had a girlfriend and she said she was cool with it, but it bothered her. So she stayed in Philly when I came back out to Cali to continue to work. I’ve been single since then.

It’s hard ’cause I meet guys and stuff, but as soon as the question of what I do comes up — I don’t wanna lie — their whole attitude towards me changes. From there, they act like pigs ’cause of my job. But there’s a difference between me doing a movie and the real me that’s out in public. I’m not a whore 24-7 (laughs). For real, my friends from back home, when I tell them what I do, they don’t believe me. That’s because I was never known as the town slut or anything. What attracts you to a guy?

Kelly Divine: I’m pretty simple. I fall more for people’s personalities than looks, I swear. All my boyfriends in high school, I never liked sexually, until I really got to know them. I was always friends with them first. I mean, a good personality and a sense of humor. Someone to click with. So what kind of advice would you give a guy that wanted to holler at you?

Kelly Divine: Just don’t be a pig. Don’t just come out with everything sexually you’ve ever fantasized about doing to me, or tell me your just jerked off to one of my movies. That’s not attractive, it’s creepy. I don’t like… like on MySpace, guys try to get my number. I know the only reason you are trying to get at me is because you looked me up because you saw me in a movie, which is fine, but it’s not the same as meeting someone regularly. It’s different meeting that way. What advice would you give for having sex with a porn star?

Kelly Divine: It’s just like sex with any other girl. You don’t have to try extra hard and pull out some new moves or anything (laughs). You don’t have to try to impress anybody because having sex on camera and outside my job, it’s totally different for me anyway. It’s just different. You don’t have to be upside down, against the wall, doing it crazy (laughs). It’s not necessary. If you wanna do something crazy, just like with any other girl, you have to like… ask first. So what’s it like having fans after doing movies?

Kelly Divine: I love having fans. I think it’s because I’m not super close with my family. Fans really kind of embrace you. Your fans, my fans anyway, really act like they love me. They are the best ever. It makes me feel good. It’s nice to have people appreciate what you do, even though it is what it is. What’s your best asset?

Kelly Divine: (laughs) Apparently, my ass. But I think I have a pretty nice face. I like my lips and my eyes, and my ass of course. That’s what gets all the attention.

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