CiaraIn anticipation of the largest youth voter turnout at the upcoming Pennsylvania presidential primary, the Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) will hold their “Hip-Hop Team Vote: Turn Up The Vote.”

In an effort to mobilize youth voters, HSAN — along with The Hip-Hop Research and Education Fund (HREF), and PowerPAC — will bring together hip-hop stars, youth leaders and young people to address the quality of life issues that have resonated with young people across the state and throughout America.

The event will take place on April 20th at Temple University’s Liacouras Center Arena in Philadelphia, PA, and hopes to encourage millions of 18-35 year olds to participate in the campaign.

“Hip-Hop Team Vote: Turn Up The Vote” will utilize a variety of means to reach its target demographic and maximize youth voter registration and voter turnout, including hip-hop radio stations, artists, recording industry street teams, web and pod casts, social networks, blogs and grass roots organizing.

“An unprecedented groundswell of young people continues to grow across the state of Pennsylvania in anticipation of the April 22 Presidential primary election. The diversity and power of the hip-hop generation will manifest at the Turn Up the Vote National Hip-Hop Summit at Temple University. PA is fired up and the enthusiasm is growing daily,” said HSAN co-founder, Dr. Benjamin Chavis.

The 18-29 year old segment of the hip-hop generation will be nearly 50 million strong in 2008, making up one third of the electorate, according to reported that between the 2004 and 2008 presidential elections, youth voter turnout more than doubled.

“I’m really proud of my generation for rising to this momentous occasion,” declared Valeisha Butterfield, Executive Director of the HSAN. “It is clear that young people want change and the best way to bring about change is to vote in record numbers. The Pennsylvania primary will be a milestone for youth voter turn-out.”

Celebs such as Russell Simmons, Ciara, Mike Jones, Flo Rida, Jim Jones, Rich Boy and Webbie, are among those confirmed to attend.

The event is free. For further information and to obtain your free ticket, visit an active participant in HSAN events.