Foxy Brown To Be Released From Prison Next Week

Foxy BrownFoxy Brown is just about done with her sentence on Riker’s Island. In fact, she is set to be release next Friday (April 18), after serving time since last August.

Despite reports that her sentence has been cut short, her manager, Chazz Williams, emphasized that she served her full sentence.

“[She’s] is not getting out early. Foxy served her entire sentence [under] good time, that is, days deducted by the law, that every prisoner gets unless its procedurally taken [away] for breaking prison rules,” Williams told recently.

He also said that despite her celebrity status, she did not receive special treatment and served time like most inmates would.

“[She didn’t receive any] kind of special treatment. And she did [her time] under the worst conditions that you can do [time] under, at Riker’s Island. They was pounding her, trying to break her spirit, and she held fast. She’s good and strong, mentally and emotionally,” he added, via a statement to HipHopDX.

Although next week Foxy (real name: Inga Marchand) will be free after serving a 241 day prison term for violating her probation, thanks to a 2004 assault charge, she has more legal woes to fight through.

Her manager revealed that she is due back in court on May 5th to answer for an incident where she’s accused of assaulting her neighbor with her Blackberry phone, which led to her probation violation and incarceration. Williams says the case is still pending.

Brown will also have to answer to charges of battery and obstruction of justice in Florida, stemming from an incident at a South Beach beauty supply store in February 2007 where she allegedly spat and squirted hair glue at the owner after she was asked to leave.

In between dealing with court, Foxy will also get back to her career. After being released, she will gear up for the release of her fourth studio album, Brooklyn’s Don Diva.

The album was initially was set for release February, but was pushed back, pending the rapper’s release.

She is rumored to begin filming a reality show as well. Williams told SOHH that they are in talks with a number of networks and film studios for it.

Brooklyn’s Don Diva is now set for May 13.

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