ProdigyIn what may appear to be one of many explicit blog entries from Prodigy, the incarcerated rapper recently posted his first blog at on everything from his extensive reading habits to the explanation of the lack of African Americans in “regular commercials.”

Following a short introduction from his wife, KiKi, Prodigy opened his blog post with news on his current status, where he explained that he’s going through the penal procedure, and is expected to ship to his new home for the next couple years.

“They got me at the Downstate Correction Facility in Fishkill, NY … This is a reception jail where they evaluate you and give you an inmate classification,” Prodigy wrote. “Then send you off to whichever prison you do ya bid. I’ve been classified as medium and should be leaving soon.”

As far as how he’s spending his time, he’s revealed that he’s developed an interest in reading, which is all P has been doing thus far — in addition to writing and working out.

“I’ve bumped into some of 50 and Yayos people up in here, and they’ve been sending me books and things. So, I’ve been reading like never before,” he wrote.

“I love reading and doing research, so they really f***ed up puttin’ me in a cage with nothing to do but eat, work out, read, write and sleep,” he continued, mocking his situation by expressing the positive of being incarcerated.

Using his blog as a format to answer questions, Prodigy also took the presently widely discussed topic of “race” and compared the roles of African Americans in various media.

“Name a black character in any classic Disney story. Sh**, you can’t even see a black extra unless it’s a maid or butler,” P continued. “[White people] only put the one or two blacks in, so when we confront them about being racist for not hiring more blacks, they can say ‘That’s not true, look there’s a black right there.”

Taking it a step further, Prodigy explained why he believes African Americans are not featured in regular commercials and when they are, it’s only on primarily black-based stations.

“The regular ads being run comes on at prime time and on every channel or outlet. The ‘all black’ versions only come on during ‘all black TV shows or on ‘all black’ channels/outlets. Also, the ‘all black’ print advertisements are only seen in ‘all black neighborhoods or in ‘all black’ magazines such as Ebony, Jet, XXL, etc…” blogged P.

The entry is just the first since turning himself in recently. With a three-and-a-half year bid to serve, we should expect to read a lot more from the incarcerated rapper.

Until the next one, fans can hear more of Prodigy’s inner thoughts via his music. His sophomore solo album, H.N.I.C. Pt. 2, is slated to hit stores April 22, via Voxonic.