Trick TrickHis most successful record entered the Billboard Hot 100 at no. 90 and it was most likely due to an Eminem feature. However, he owns three clubs and boasts numerous endorsement deals that are six figures. Additionally, he’s preparing for the release of an album that has Dr. Dre production, another Eminem feature, and more of hip-hop’s finest. Ballerstatus had to play phone tag with Trick Trick just in order to get the latest on his happenings. Try us; it was worth the time.

Trick Trick quickly delivered the news of endorsements and another deal with Cadillac in the works. With energy drinks and clothing deals filling his pockets, we almost lost sight that he was a rapper. Even he talked about his business ventures liked he had surprised himself somewhat with the prosperity. This is where the rapper’s ego and switch came on to plug his next project.

We’ve learned that Lil Jon, Royce Da 5’9 and Rich Boy had recorded with Trick Trick. And, as everyone says, “This album is crazy!” Like most mature rappers, he made it a point to showcase the lack of quality of what’s being heard on the radio in comparison to his own songs. After proclaiming the status of his music, Trick naturally shifted toward the state of his city and the relationships being forged between rappers even if they were enemies at one point.

It’s here when the entrepreneur takes controls. Once again the talk turns to business and how younger rappers can make handsome profits without the radio friendly “jingles.” We explore the numerous areas in which Trick Trick has accumulated his wealth and increased his social standing. However, it’s at the tail end of the conversation when he gives us a sound byte that would make TMZ jealous. He sounds off about drug addiction, the Black people, and… Lil Wayne. (Must Read) We’ve been talking while you’ve been in and out of meetings with Cadillac. What are you trying to do with them?

Trick Trick: I’m trying to get them to start production on a customized vehicle and attach my name to it. We’ve been going back and forth for three months talking about the plans. I got a endorsement deal with another company that happened to have a relationship with GM Motors and that’s how the door got opened for me. Musically, what you doing?

Trick Trick: Music? Whoa! I’m working with Eminem. I’m not making an album without Eminem; he makes the best come out of a n****. I got records with Dr. Dre who brings the best out of a n**** as well, because if you don’t bring it on his tracks, he won’t even let you use it! That was a challenge for me because I’m not really an MC. Royce [Da 5’9] told me, “Welcome Trick, you’re an MC.” People used to always say that I was just a street n****, but I’ve stepped my game up. You have to do things like to work with cats like Dr. Dre and Eminem. Tell me who else can you get to top that? I got a song with Proof too; God rest his soul. We did the song two days before he passed away and Kid Rock on the song too. I got something with Lil Jon. I got Rich Boy on a song called “26’s.” So I’m making good music. It’s fun recording for this album too, just working with all the cats I named. Man, Lil Jon was drunk as f*** when we was in the studio! He knocked back Patron like water! You said that you make songs and not tracks. To everyone reading this, what’s the difference between the two?

Trick Trick: A song has content and meaning. It has music and a feeling. A song has instruments, not sounds. A track is just someone rapping over a beat with sounds. Now it’s just sounds in the background with some a**hole talking a bunch of bullsh** for three minutes too long. How many times are you going to say ‘you in the trap selling dope?!’ I get it man, damn. I’m not knocking the hustle, cause I been locked up for possession; I’m just tired of people flooding the market with that same bullsh**…

(Trick “calmly” takes time to curse at another driver for jumping in his lane.)

Trick Trick: My bad cuz. This motherf***er in my lane bout to tear up my new sh**. I just got this car today man, it got eight miles on it. Back to what I was saying though, it’s so much that could be said and nobody is bold enough to do it. This is how you sell records. Radio doesn’t aid record sales like it used to and sales are down on top of that. What other ways can rappers get money?

Trick Trick: I ain’t never sold a million cuz. Collectively, I’ve sold over a million though. But I’m driving something fresh off the lot. I just left a meeting with Cadillac, who’s talking to me based on the business I’m doing with an energy drink. It’s ways to make money; you just gotta find it.

If you go out here and work your record that’s on the charts that’s a payday. Labels worry about first week sales and then they drop you. Don’t wait on them; f*** them! Go get yours. Endorsements come from people knowing you. Companies need that face that everyone knows to push their product. If you a producer, you can’t start out getting $1,500 a song. I watched this one n**** sell tracks for a hundred dollars… he sold enough of these motherf***ers! I saw him in an S 550! You’ve got to go and get it.

I own three clubs in downtown Detroit. I bought into the business. I put back into the business and now it’s booming. One is called the Plan B, the other is the Pussycat Lounge, and one is called Confidential. They all located in the same building, but it’s three different clubs. I have some of the hottest acts come through from Young Jeezy, Lil Jon to Damon Dash. You have to invest money when you get it. Don’t go buying chains and watches and all that sh**. Sometimes diamonds can be a good investment if you buy the right ones. I wear Dickies. I don’t care because it don’t change the fact that my bank account looks lovely and my BMI checks in the thousands. So do you think that radio is necessary for a rapper to be successful these days?

Trick Trick: No it ain’t. It depends on how you define success. Radio don’t play Guilty Simpson. But, Guilty Simpson can go overseas and get thousands a show. Radio don’t do anything but play the same ten f***ing songs all day anyway. You mean to tell me that it’s only ten stars out there?! I would appreciate it if they put me in heavy rotation, but it’s a million damn clubs in America. I will go and kick it with the DJ because that’s who really make the records do what it does. Have you noticed any trends coming from Detroit lately?

Trick Trick: Yeah, we getting back to the original g-funk sound from back in the day. I started a union for the rappers to help unite everybody as well to make sure we all can eat. And it’s just been so much love being shown I’m happy about it. While we’re talking unity, do you know if Royce and Eminem are on speaking terms again?

Trick Trick: They both just doing their own thing right now. What people don’t know about Em is he’s like Batman. He comes out every once in a while at night and he gone. Em is a workaholic and he’s a father. He loves his children, so all of his spare time goes to his kids. If he gets a chance to step out, he does. Em really don’t talk to a lot of people because he’s a different type of person. You have to think, he took the rap game and f***ing mastered it cuz. You not gone see him out at the bars all the time and kicking it like that. Last time we kicked it at the club, we almost got in trouble. It was on the news and sh**. It’s nothing personal between the two, it’s all love. Royce doing his thing; he wrote Puffy sh** and doing his own album. What did you learned about the music industry since you’ve started?

Trick Trick: You have to stay focused. You have to dedicate all the time you can to work, or you coming up short. Every now and then somebody catch a lucky break. Once you get a name, you must show people why you got it. Music is just like the dope game. Major labels, they the distributors. Artists get fronted the work from them. We got the product, we the ones hitting the streets. We the ones making the money. Artists also need to learn to respect their value and respect themselves. What are the bad habits that rappers pick-up?

Trick Trick: Hmmmm… My bad habit is overworking. It’s not really bad, but I get fatigued doing this because I do so much. I’ve learned that other artists get addicted to some kind of drug at one point during their career. For some strange reason, these f***ing young n****s snorting cocaine and sh** now, like that sh** cute. You a f***ing idiot!!! You a millionaire!! You taking ecstasy? You a f***ing dummy!! Then they brag on that sh** like it’s cool. “I’m on one. I’m geeked” Man, f*** you! That sh** is gay; that sh** make you want to touch people.

It’s a whole lot of artists that got they niche/vice; I’ve brought my street attitude over in to this business, which is bad because people didn’t want to f*** with me for a long time ’cause they thought I was crazy. I outgrew that mentality and learned how to do business. Now weed, I ain’t never seen anybody smoke weed and go crazy. I done seen people smoke and come with some of the best ideas ever, look at Snoop. N****s snort and pop pills and getting to going to jail and f***ing these trout mouth-ass bitches. Excuse me, I got my kids in the car, but I keep it gangster with my girls. They catch sh** and pass it a long.

Lil’ Wayne’s dumbass! I like Wayne, but gotdamn! You can’t do that sh**. They go look at you like a n****r and you better know that sh**. You’ve got to be smart and don’t get locked the f*** up. You was raised better than that man! Slim from Cash Money, what dumb sh** have you ever seen him do?! Look at your role models, Baby and Slim don’t do that sh** (Trick takes a long sigh after his rant and simply says) I don’t know bruh. It’s so many bad habits we pick-up and it’s just sad. Black people, we are an intelligent people. Why f*** it up?