Geert WildersThis is a guest blog from Amsterdam correspondent, Rolf Van Eck a.k.a. The Big Fundamental. English is his second language and he’s a blue collar dude in Amsterdam who we feel has an opinion that deserves some burn. We don’t endorse everything Rolf says, but we want our readers to get some perspective from people on the other side of the lake. Whether you agree or not, peep what he’s got to say. It’s not just Americans and Obama who are looking to unite, people in Europe are as well and the effects of 9/11 are deep.In America, you guys are busy with maybe the most important election in America history ever. And also here in Holland, there’s a lot of news about the elections. But there is more going on in the world. I got this article from Eddie (Huang, founder Hoodman Clothing), and he asked me to comment. A man in the Dutch Parliament made a movie about Islam that is supposed to sound the alarm against the religion. The man we are talking about is Geert Wilders. He is a popular politician here in Holland because he says extreme things, which a lot of Dutch people like to hear. He even said he wants to forbid the Quran, the holy book of Islam.

How can it be that so many people vote for such a man? They say Holland is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, and it was. But things changed. People in America may not realize it, but 9/11 didn’t just change America, it changed the world. Debates about Islam started to spring up in Amsterdam as well. During this time, the big immigration debate began in Holland. People felt there were too many immigrants and they where destroying the Dutch culture and blah, blah (it’s the same everywhere, people are afraid to embrace new things and want to defend their own). One man became very popular during that time because of the way he spoke and he gave answers that a lot of people believed would work. His name was Pim Fortuyn. He said what the other politicians didn’t dare. Not everyone agreed with him, but he said what his plans were and didn’t say what the voters liked to hear (Like Hillary about her Rambo experience in Yugoslavia).


06/06/02: Pim Fortuyn got killed. The first thing that most people thought after the assassination was that it must be a terrorist act. There must be a Muslim organization behind this. After a few hours, there was an arrest. It was a white Dutch man. You could feel the tension when it was on TV. Some weeks after the assassination, the national elections started and Pim Fortuyn was even more popular. (He was dead during the elections, but he was still on the list of candidates of his party.) His political party became the biggest one. The only thing was, they didn’t have a leader, it was a loose group of politicians that talked a lot of trash and actually widened the chasm between the Dutch and the immigrants.

A prominent Dutch film director, Theo van Gogh, a big fighter for freedom of speech was one of those people you would see a lot during that time. He even took it so far that he thought he could say anything; he even called Muslims “geitenneukers” (goat f***ers) and said that Islam was a stupid religion.

02/11/04: Theo van Gogh got killed! He got killed by Mohammed B, a Muslim extremist. Theo van Gogh was riding his bike through Amsterdam and Mohammed B. He just cut him open on a clear day because he said bad things about the Islam and the Prophet. This gave another third party the opportunity to come on the national stage. There was so much hate against Muslims that people like Geert Wilders got his time to shine.

Salah EdinNow, Geert Wilders’ movie got released, called “Fitna: The Movie,” which is available on and Instead of a movie, it’s just 15 minutes of some images that we have all seen before. It is supposed to be a warning, that if Holland continues the spiral it’s in now, we will be a country full of mosques and that Islam will be everywhere. Bullsh**. And to let you know how bad this “movie” is, he made a mistake. In the movie (5:45), there is supposed to be a picture of Mohammed B. However, they used a photo of someone who looked like him; Salah Edin. Salah Edin is a respected Dutch rapper with a Moroccan background. His album cover looked like the prison picture of Mohammed B. Geert Wilders mixed them up.

It’s hard to see where the line of freedom of speech begins and ends, but this “movie” must be somewhere on the border. This movie is just to scare people and what I hate about this kind of situation is that I don’t have any control over it. I am just the little guy on the street that has to work hard to get bread on the table and I am the one that has to live together with all kinds of people with different cultures. You have the power to help us live together Mr. Wilders and what do you do, you divide us instead. Instead of getting all cultures together you help us distrust each other!