Ray J Remembers Hanging With Tupac, Faith Evans

Ray JSinger Ray J, who’s been in the entertainment since the beginning of his teens, has seen a lot and experienced a lot. But, some of his craziest experiences came when he was hanging with the Death Row camp in the mid-90s.

In a recent interview with Rhasody.com (via Bossip), Ray spoke about one incident when he walked into the studio to find Tupac hanging out with Biggie’s wife, Faith Evans. This, of course, was when the whole East Coast-West Coast beef was sweeping the media.

“We walked in one day and Faith was sitting on Pac’s lap while Pac was writing a verse. It was like, ‘What the f*** is going on?’ That was one of the craziest sights, dog,” the singer said.

“Faith was in Pac’s lap. I was like, ‘What the f***? I know I’m not? Is that? It can’t?’ Three weeks later, ‘Hit ‘Em Up” came out … I’m not hating on nobody. I got love for Faith. That was unbelievable, during the time of the East Coast-West Coast beef,” Ray continued.

This all happened with Ray J was just 15 years old. He even kicked it with Biggie, he says. He actually recalls speaking to the late great MC days before he was gunned down in Los Angeles.

“I was with B.I.G. two days before he died,” he explained. “I smoked two or three blunts with B.I.G. We watched a Lil Kim video. He talked to me about some real sh**. He was gonna get on the remix for ‘Everything That You Want’ off my album and then two days later he was dead.”

Read more of the interview, where he talks about the effect of radio and TV, re-couping advance money, and more at Blog.Rhapsody.com.

On the music side, Ray J is gearing up for the release of a new album, titled All I Feel, slated to hit stores April 8.

The album boasts the hit single, “Sexy Can I” featuring Yung Berg, and features guest appearances by The Game, Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and Lil Kim, among others.

  1. i think since lil kim and Ray J. have been working together on a album she had him to say that stuff about faith and Tupac. i beleieve Ray J. might be sleeping with lil Kim.

  2. Lil piss of shit is lyng..u knw in life u get the attention seekers..LOL at 15 he hang owt wit biggie nd pac wat made hm so special fuck em I dnt trust em…ray dawg u lyng ass snitch..I saw brandy hangowt wit thus huge african(she was probably sittn in his lap2 snitch)

  3. You dumb as hell dude lol. Ray J got the golden pass because that’s when his sister Brandy was just as big as can be.

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