50 CentWhile Hot 97’s Miss Jones was going about her normal morning show on Monday morning (April 7), the radio personality came onto the topic of 50 Cent, discussing his recent lawsuit between him and the mother of his son.

When listeners and the talk got a little out of bounds, in 50’s eyes, he called in to clear the air.

For those unaware, the rapper recently won a lawsuit in which he was given the right to evict his ex-girlfriend, their son, and his ex’s current boyfriend from a million dollar home he purchased. When Miss Jones called 50 out for evicting them, citing his ex’s past of holding him, according to his loosely based autobiographical film, “Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, the rapper called in.

“That’s a movie,” 50 explained. “I tried to paint a more positive outlook on her. She’s not my shorty on the side, I haven’t dealt with her since 2003… she’s not a nurse, [her new boyfriend] is a nurse. He’s an RN… a regular n****

“She worked for three months in 2001… She ain’t had a job, she ain’t done nothing. I was giving her $500,000 a year. She thinks she’s entitled to 17%, because these chicks she be having around her telling [her all this]. I was giving her $25,000 a month, now she want $50,000.”

With the legal talk out of the way, the show hosts asked 50 about the recent controversy surrounding Young Buck and bogus comments spread in an online interview that he hadn’t received any royalty checks, which was later denied by Buck’s management.

The G-Unit founder explained that he’s tried several times to discuss finances with his roster, but when they don’t listen, they turn on him.

“That’s people not listening. If you have conversations with ’em, explain to ’em to kinda slow down, get a more moderate pace spin of your finances… they don’t listen,” he said. “They get to the point that they kinda like… it starts to get uncomfortable, they hate whoever’s in the situation who isn’t.”

When one of the hosts responded, saying Buck’s actions seem “kinda Game-ish,” 50 commented, “It don’t even seem… you can look at that and see that’s Game all the way.”

50 then dropped some brand new information — Buck isn’t in G-Unit any longer… well.

“I was giving him the benefit of the doubt then, but you can take this as an official notice right here… pretty much you can say Young Buck is no longer in the group G-Unit, but signed to G-Unit as a solo artist.”