It’s been a minute since we put together a shopping guide for the visitors of Last time we did it was for the holidays, so here’s the latest, April edition.

Converse [RED]
Recently, Dr. Romanelli launced his 1Hund[RED] Converse shoe in Los Angeles. (Thanks to Complex for the heads up) Apparently, Lupe Fiasco was there, and he had his own pair of Chucks in all leather, under the Product [Red] platform. While there’s no scheduled for release for this pair of Converse, you can customize your own pair, via the shoe company’s site. [Customize yours here]

2008 April Shopper - Chucks

Stunna Shades
You can’t go wrong with a pair of stunna shades. We compiled a few to choose from with that 70s style look. They’re not name brand, but they will do the job, whether your strolling Beverly Hills or hitting the club.
[Get Style 1 | Style 2 | Style 3]

2008 April Shopper - Stunnas

Garmin Bluetooth Portable GPS Navigator
This device is just plain cool. It’s got a 4.3-inch widescreen display, so you can view road maps for the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. It’s sleek and mountable almost anywhere in your vehicle, and can be accessed via touch screen. It also boasts the ability to control hands-free calling, traffic alerts, and the FM transmitter. Perfect for those who have a hard time getting around. [Buy It Here]

2008 April Shopper - Garmin

Garmin Navigator Handheld
If a mountable navigator in your vehicle is just too much, there’s this option as well. The handheld version. Available for $285 on This one boasts a 2.6-inch screen [Buy It Here]

2008 April Shopper - Garmin Handheld

Philips Digital Photo Frame
It’s the technology age, and everything is getting modernized. You might have already seen these in stores, but for those who haven’t , check this out. Instead of framing each individual photo you have, how about just popping in your memory cards into this digital frame, and have a slideshow of your photos changing all the time. Saves time, and is easy to switch out what you want. They are currently on sale for $69. [Buy It Here]

2008 April Shopper - Digital Frame

HYmini and miniSolar
These new products are for those in tune with their inner-green. The eco-friendly handhelds are said to produce energy from the wind and sun, so you don’t have to depend on batteries at all times. Use it to power your MP3 player, PDA, or even digital camera. The HYmini sells for $49.99, while the miniSOLAR panels sell for $24.99. [Buy Them Here]

2008 April Shopper - HyMini

DVDS & Video Games

I Am Legend (2-Disc Special Edition)
“I Am Legend,” starring Will Smith, was one of most popular films when it was released in 2007. It’s based in New York city, where the population was wiped out by some sort of mysterious disease. Will Smith is the only one left. The film is now out on DVD and Blu-Ray. This special edition sells for $22.99. [Buy It Here]

American Gangster (2-Disc Unrated Extended Edition)
It was the most talked about film in the hip-hop world last year, and also spawned a full album by Jay-Z, inspired by it. Now, they’ve released it on DVD. This version is unrated and is the extended version of the theatrical release. [Buy It Here]

GTA IV (Special Edition)
Almost every gamer is waiting for the newest version of GTA. It’s one of the most popular series in the gaming world. The special addition can be pre-ordered for both the Xbox 360 and PS3 consoles, and includes the game, an art book, the soundtrack, Rockstar keychain for the safety deposit box keys, and a Rockstar duffel bag. Pre-order it now for $89.99. [Buy It For The Xbox 360] or [Buy It For The PS3Here]

Color Guitar Hero Axes
We were browsing, when we came across these. ColorWare — who are already known for their customizations of various electronics including Xboxs, iPods, and laptops — has added the Guitar Hero axe to their repertoire. If you send in your own guitar and get it colorized to your specifications, it costs $99, or you can just order a new guitar in your desired colorway for $189. Order then for the XBOX 360, PS3, or Wii.

2008 April Shopper - Guitar Hero


What Would Martin Say?
Clarence B. Jones, draft speech writer and adviser to Martin Luther King Jr., has penned this new book, where he reveals what [King] would have to say, and what he would advise, on issues of the day. Some of the things Jones feels King would oppose today would be affirmative action (its time and usefulness have come and gone) and illegal immigration (the moral brazenness of those without the legal right to be here who demand that Americans treat them as though they were decorated soldiers or fighters for constitutional rights). “The notion of acting as a medium for the departed King is provocative, but Jones is a smooth manager of feisty prose. What’s here is a sort of political parlor game and, like a good parlor game, it will make for lively conversation,” said Publisher’s Weekly of the book. [Buy It Here]

A New Earth (Paperback)
Oprah Winfrey has highly endorsed this book. Author Eckhart Tolle suggests that transcending our ego-based state of consciousness is not only essential to personal happiness, but also the key to ending conflict and suffering throughout the world. Definitely a good read for just $7.70. [Buy It Here]

Sports Illustrated: Brett Favre: The Tribute (Hardcover)
Sports Illustrated’s new book is a tribute to legendary Green Bay Packers’ quarterback, Brett Favre. It is the definitive account of a remarkable career, collecting the best stories and photographs from the pages of SI to chronicle Favre’s rise from humble coach’s son in tiny Kiln, Miss., to premier passer of his generation and the personification of the American sports ideal. [Buy It Here]

Greenspan’s Bubbles: The Age of Ignorance at the Federal Reserve (Hardcover)
The Age Of Ignorance delivers a timeline of Alan Greenspan’s — who’s served as the Federal Reserve Chairman for nearly 19 years — most devastating mistakes and weaves together the connection between every economic calamity of the past 19 years, including the stock market crash of 1987, the Savings & Loan crisis, the tech bubble of 2000, the feared Y2K disaster, and finally the credit bubble and real estate crisis of 2007. If you’re not up on economic disaster, this book will get you up on one of the biggest contributors of it today. [Buy It Here]

When Science Goes Wrong (Paperback)
From Publisher’s Weekly: Experimental brain surgery goes horribly awry; a dam fails catastrophically; a geologist leads an ill-equipped party to its doom in the mouth of an active volcano: these are the amazing and sometimes horrific stories of technical errors and scientific mistakes that LeVay (The Sexual Brain) relates. Some, like the case of the British meteorologist who failed to predict a hurricane that killed 18 people, seem due to arrogance. Others—the loss of a costly spacecraft, a criminal conviction based on inaccurate DNA analysis, multiple deaths after an accidental release of anthrax—are the result of ordinary human error. Some incidents may well have been deliberate, such as a nuclear reactor error that was possibly the result of a love triangle gone bad, or the data falsified by a physicist seeking fame as the discoverer of a new element. LeVay surveys a range of fields, offering several reasons why things go wrong and noting that for every brilliant scientific success, there are a dozen failures. Readers curious about particularly notorious cases will find LeVay’s book both entertaining and thought provoking. [Buy It Here]