2008-04-04-gamejohnbrownThe Game is prepping his third solo album, Los Angeles Times (LAX), and like each time he drops, beef arises.

In a previous interview with Mass Appeal magazine, the Compton rapper was asked about VH1’s “The (White) Rapper Show.” Apparently, he was asked to appear, but turned down the offer.

“I just turned that down because I thought it was corny,” The Game told the magazine. “I watched it a couple of times and thought why would somebody do this? It’s f***ing with hip-hop.”

As the interview continued, the interviewer, asked about the show’s cast and what Game thought of them. He wasn’t feeling them to say the least. “Them motherf***ers was horrible,” said the rapper. “There’s real rappers in the world — real white ones. I could have gave ya’ll a whole cast if you came to me first. They f***ing sucked man.”

When asked if he liked the self-proclaimed King of the Burbz, John Brown, Game simply stated “No,” adding that the show just set up Brown and the other participants to be made fun of.

John Brown isn’t taking The Game’s comments lightly. He recently responded to the former G-Unit member in a recently leaked video, where he disses Game over MC Breed’s classic “Ain’t No Future In Yo’ Frontin’.”

(Check out John Brown’s “No Future In Yo’ Frontin'” here.).

The intro to the video is where the bulk of the disses come, where Brown mocks Game, claiming he began his career on reality TV as well — referring to his infamous appearance on the dating show “Change Of Heart.”

“I know you heard those comments made by The Game. He had some issues with some people and gets on TV to promote themselves and their company,” Brown said sarcastically. “It was real interesting to me because Game was a real inspiration to me… especially as someone who started out on a television show. Even though it wasn’t a music related one, he did his thing on ‘Change Of Heart.’ He really kinda parlayed that into a real interesting music career.”

Brown then goes on to mock Game’s tattoos, saying he thought about going the same route — getting one of the Beastie Boys on him like Game’s NWA tattoo, or getting “The (White) Rapper Show’s host MC Serch, like Game’s Eazy-E tattoo.