AlchemistProdigy is officially locked up, but while he’s away, longtime Mobb Deep producer Alchemist plans to hold him down. In a recent interview with, the veteran producer discussed how he plans to keep Prodigy’s name out there while incarcerated. However, he admits it’s not going to be an easy task.

“We’re here holding him down,” Alchemist told the website. “The same ways I always promote — by doing shows [and] advertisements — we’re just going to have to go a little harder because P’s not actually here. But we have a whole team of people and support group.”

Locked up for a gun charge stemming from an arrest in 2006, P will be serving 3 1/2 years. And as P explained last year, when he revealed that police tried to get him to set up 50 Cent when arrested, Alchemist confirmed that theory as well.

In one of the videos from P’s forthcoming H.N.I.C. 2 album, titled “A.B.S.’s” he addresses dirty cops. ALC has that same notion in common when it comes to the boys in blue.

“They were asking me a lot of questions about 50 Cent and a lot of rappers,” Alchemist told Sohh. “They were doing a lot of things but I wasn’t speaking on that. I don’t talk to the police. So I just left it at that.”

ALC says that the final version of P’s new album has yet to be finalized, and the early leak floating around isn’t the full album. The producer explained that they have several new tracks, as well as bonuses up their sleeves.

As for seeing Prodigy in jail, ALC plans to when he gets back to New York. The producer is currently in Los Angeles, and revealed he has yet to speak to the Mobb Deep founder since being locked up.

H.N.I.C. 2 is currently scheduled for release April 22.