Ice-TWith the election becoming more and more intertwined with hip-hop, due to the overwhelming support of presidential hopeful Obama, hip-hop couple, Ice-T and Coco, gave their opinions on who should win.

However, while the couple usually agrees on most things, they see things differently on this particular subject.

While Ice-T is in support of Obama, Coco likes Hilary Clinton to win the race. Why? “Because she’s a woman,” she admitted.

Ice-T, though, gave a little more insight to his pick, who also admitted that Clinton wouldn’t be a bad vote.

“I would want Hilary to win if Obama wasn’t in,” Ice told told UK’s The Sun. “I’m really listening to Obama. I’m not just gonna vote for the man ’cause he’s black. I’m sizing dude up… I think he’s out to clean the image in the United States up, if that’s possible.”

Another reason he gave was because Ice feels Obama is a little more like a regular person, unlike the country’s current president, George Bush.

“I actually probably could get a phone call in into the President… from the connections I have that know him. I can’t talk to with Bush. Who the hell can talk to Bush?” said Ice.

Speaking of Bush, Ice-T displayed his dislike for the current president, as well as his father, explaining that his generation warned the public in the early 90s of exactly what’s taking place now.

“Bush’s father was the Anti-Christ. I told you that. This is the son of a Bush. We told you. Go play Public Enemy records from ’92 and we wouldn’t be where we are today,” the rapper said.