50 CentThe Buck and 50 “rumored” beef is getting real old. Young Buck says something to hint at tension between the two, then 50 Cent denies it. Buck then comes back and says the pair are good, then something else comes out proving otherwise.

In the G-Unit saga, Buck had recently said a few things “allegedly” that would once again hint at his displeasure from 50 Cent. Most recently, via an online interview, Buck allegedly said that he had not received one royalty check for his works there.

However, just days later, Buck’s manager Sha Money XL released a statement proving that the interview was either a hoax and/or just a rumor.

“There has been a new rumor going around that 50 Cent has not paid Young Buck any royalties. I, as Buck’s manager and as former President of G-Unit Records, want to make it clear: that is false. Young Buck has cleared over $10 million dollars working under 50 Cent’s and my guidance,” Sha Money said in the statement.

Buck also made it very clear to us in February when asked about his status with G-Unit that he’s still down 100%.

“I’m doing me, I’m getting to the money. I put the ‘G’ in G-Unit and I ain’t going no where regardless of whatever you may hear. Me and 50 good,” Buck told BallerStatus.com.

Now, in a recent interview with MTV, 50 Cent weighs in on the royalty topic and discusses any rumored turmoil within his crew.

“Each person in G-Unit has earned over $10 million in their career at this point,” 50 told MTV. “Outside of the guys that didn’t release product — M.O.P., Spider Loc, Olivia — the guys that had their project go out physically. I didn’t say they have $10 million, I said they’ve seen $10 million. What they did with their paper, I don’t know.

“I think you have to give them something to blow it out of proportion. Buck did that. I think that what he was saying, in order to validate himself as a man, he feels he has to go against what I’m doing, similar to some of the things we’ve seen from Game … [But then] he’ll back off of it, when we’re in direct conversation. When he’s out in public, he’ll say something. They’re like my younger brothers, but they’ll do sh– for attention. They’ll do things, then when I look like, ‘What are you doing?’ They’ll be like, ‘Oh, nah, because you was doing this. … Because you didn’t call me when you were on the international tour.’ I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me? You didn’t call neither, so what does that mean?’ ”

And although he compared the Buck situation with his situation with The Game, he said that he and Buck’s relationship was much deeper than his with the Compton rapper, which is why they are able to mend anything said publicly.