50 Cent50 Cent always has a strong opinion on certain situations, and his decline in record sales on his last album is what he discussed most recently.

In a recent conversation with MTV, the G-Unit founder revealed that it was the advice of his label that kept him from hitting the mixtape circuit hard before the release of Curtis, a technique he’s used on both of his albums prior. He feels that was his biggest mistake, and one of the reasons he saw a slip in his sales.

Since then, however, he’s made up for lost time. Just in the past six months, 50 has dropped three mixtapes, including the most recent called Elephant In The Sand.

His decision to get back to his roots isn’t what his bosses feel is best for his career, including Eminem, said 50.

“They think I’m crazy,” 50 told MTV about what Eminem thinks about him giving away so much material for free. “Sometimes [Em] misses why I put it out. He goes, ‘Why did you put it out?’ But I can’t be as hot as I’m gonna be if I don’t play around. I gotta spar before I go fight the champ. That’s my concept of it. If I don’t go out and make material and lock in, I’m not gonna make the best possible material for the next [official] project.”

So, fans are gonna continue to get more free music from Fif’ all the way until the release of the next G-Unit album, tentatively titled Lock & Load, which is scheduled for this summer.

Following the second G-Unit album will be 50’s last album on his Interscope contract, Before I Self Destruct, which is expected at the end of the year.