Usher Introduces New R&B Group, One Chance

One ChanceUsher has been sitting on his record label, US Records, since 2002, when he formed it under the J Records umbrella.

To date, there’s only been one release from US — the soundtrack for “In The Mix,” which introduced Usher’s acts including rapper Rico Love, and four person R&B group One Chance. Now, he recently announced that One Chance is preparing their debut, and he has nothing but confidence in them.

“I had no doubt that these guys have what it takes to not only live up to the great R&B legends of the past, but to have the same kind of respect and longevity that many of those greats still enjoy today,” the successful singer said of One Chance.

One Chance — comprised of Courtney, Jon, Michael and Rob — is the perfect name for a foursome that has invested their heart and soul into their musical dreams and now stands on the verge of savoring the fruits of their labor.

“This name really suits us,” says Jon Gordon, 22. “One Chance means we only have one life, this is our one dream and we’ve only got one chance to do it. We feel like all we need is one chance for people to hear us and they’ll love us.”

They came together six years ago and have since overcome all the obstacles that littered their journey to succeed. After a few detours and more than a few roadblocks, the guys found themselves face to face with the biggest R&B superstar in the world and, much to their delight, he liked what he saw.

“We got the opportunity to showcase for Usher,” Jon recalls. “He could tell that we were already polished. We had been working so hard for so long and it must have shown on stage because we were chosen by Usher over several other acts that showcased for him and his staff that day.”

With groups over the present and past, One Chance feels they have a uniqueness about them that will help set them apart when they are introduced to the world.

“We got a mean swagger,” says 23-year-old Courtney Vantrease. “It’s a Chicago swagger but it’s real and we’ve got things that you will remember from previous groups, like little things you might remember from Jodeci and Boyz II Men.”

“One thing that will set us apart from other groups is that most of them are missing something. Some of them can dance, but aren’t that strong vocally or maybe they can sing, but they’re not solid entertainers. But with this group, we cover the whole spectrum. We’re not trying to be something we’re not. We can sing. For real! Take away all the music, all the beats, you can even take away the microphones and you will hear natural voices blending in harmony,” added Jon.

So far, the group has dropped an introductory single, “Look At Her,” featuring D4L’s Fabo, which served a refreshing new style called Snap & B, something different from your traditional R&B. “It was something new we were trying,” explains Courtney. “I think we were probably the first guy group to do it. The snap movement was really strong, so we just decided to incorporate some R&B into it. It’s just all about giving people something fresh.”

They’ve also displayed the new genre on the smoothed out single “U Can’t,” featuring Yung Joc, but it’s the beautiful Mr. Bangladesh-produced ballad “Emotional,” that showcases the group’s vocals.

Right now, there is no time frame for release of their as-yet-titled debut, but the group stays optimistic about the future. But, also realize, they have a long road ahead of them.

“The struggles that we had before have prepared us for the struggles that are yet to come,” says group member, Mic. “Through it all we didn’t give up. We stayed together. We used to be sitting up on a couch in a studio, side by side sleeping with our feet propped up on a chair. A lot of people wouldn’t have come this far. They would have given up. We have the chance of a lifetime to do what we love to do — to sing and entertain and allow people to hear our story.”

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