Kia Shine Wants To Keep You Krispy With Clothing Line, Preps New Music

Kia ShineAfter selling almost 500,000 ringtones of his hit single “So Krispy,” Kia Shine is getting ready for the second round, as he prepares new street and sophomore albums. And, to keep with the “Krispy” theme, he’s also gearing up for his own clothing line.

It only makes sense, since his single was about being fresh, that he’d get into fashion. But instead of just coming out with yet another streetwear line, Kia Shine is shooting for the more high-end clientele who love to stay ‘krispy’ no matter what it cost.

The upcoming line is called Krispy Clothing.

“It’s gonna be a line for the upper echelon,” Kia told “It’s a line for those who appreciate good clothing and good material, and don’t mind paying for quality. That’s what the line is all about — the simplest form of self expression, which is clothes.”

According to the Memphis rapper, the line is not geared toward just the hip-hop community, but will appeal to a more universal audience and will create styles to supply that demand. It will have styles that will fit those with a conservative look, a preppy look, and even a person who has that rock look.

At press time, there was no date when the line would debut, but Kia Shine said to keep any eye out because his clothes will pop up soon.

In addition to diving into clothing, the rapper is also preparing to hit fans with new music. First up is a new street album and DVD called The Kush (The Krispy Underestimated Southern Hustler).

The first single from the album will be a new anthem called “Co-Pilot,” which is a metaphor for your female partner in crime. “It’s like every fly dude need a fly female to fly with him, that makes her a co-pilot,” Kia Shine explained of the upcoming single, which he says will leak in June.

Before “Co-Pilot” though, Kia Shine plans to leak a couple buzz singles to prepare fans. He says around April fans will start hearing the album’s title track “The Kush” and/or a state anthem track called “Tennessee’s Finest” featuring fellow Tennessee rappers 8 Ball and Young Buck.

He’s also working his next major label album as well, the follow-up to his debut Due Season, which will be titled Past Due. Kia Shine hopes the release will take his career to new heights.

“It’s called Past Due… Basically it takes you to where I left off with my last album, for my story. Now, what I’m trying to do is take my music more national, more global,” the rapper said. “New Season was a great introductory, but now, I’m trying to show people I’m a producer, as well as an artist and CEO. I’m trying to grow with the music to let people see what I really been doing. Even before ‘Krispy’ I put out records for other artists, and produced for other artists before ‘Krispy.’ I’ve produced for Ruff Ryders, Juve and T.I.P., and individuals like that. I want people to see the producer side of me and see how far I can really go with this music and change my range.”

The album is expected later this year.

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