It’s been over five years since the shooting death of Run DMC founder and DJ, Jay Master Jay, and like the murders of the late Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur, his murder remains unsolved.

Coming this summer, though, is a film that will take a deeper look into the premature death of the hip-hop legend, as well as celebrate his life in hip-hop. It’s called “Two Turntables & A Microphone” and it’s being produced and directed by the slain DJ’s cousin Phonz.

We ran into Phonz in late February, while he was in Los Angeles, where he gave us a few details about the film.

“It’s Jam Master Jay’s life story man, telling what happened to him,” Phonz told “I was born and raised with Jam Master Jay and Run DMC, traveled around the world with him and now we doing this movie. I created the movie to be like a tribute, man, just to tell who Jam Master Jay was.”

Phonz revealed that “Two Turntables & A Microphone” would not only delve into the DJ’s unsolved murder, but would also act as a documentary, educating people about his life, and his history in hip-hop.

“We celebrating his life. We celebrate what Jay has done for hip-hop and this industry, as well as dive into his murder,” he said. “We really get into what happened to Jam Master Jay. Six people in the studio, one person gets killed and nobody knows anything. That’s a problem. It’s time to address the situation.”

Phonz said that, thus far, the film has been widely supported by the hip-hop industry. In the filming process, he’s been able to garner interviews and appearances by the likes of Russell Simmons, 50 Cent, Kid Rock, Run DMC, LL Cool and Rick Ruben, among others. He was pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming support he’s received once he started working on the project.

“You name it… everybody’s in this movie. The whole industry supported us. It’s a blessing,” Phonz said.

“Jay was the industry. Jay was the hip and the hop. These are all just his personal friends,” he explained of the appearances he was able to gather. “He helped start 50 Cent’s career. Russell lived down the block, Run and D lived down the block, and LL lived down the block. This is just his people… Rick Ruben, Aero Smith.”

While he wasn’t able to give any definite date of release, he mentioned June… or the summer as possibilities of when it will be available.

Jam Master Jay (real name: Jason Mizell) was gunned down on October 30, 2002 at a recording studio in Queens, New York. Despite a room full of witnesses, his killing remains a mystery.

In April 2007, federal prosecutors named Ronald “Tenad” Washington as an accessory in the murder. Washington also is a suspect in the fatal shooting of Randy “Stretch” Walker — an associate of Tupac — in 1995.

While charged were expected to be handed down, as of late last year, Washington had yet to be charged.