Fat Joe, Papoose Confirm Fight Rumors, Explain Their Sides

After rumors surfaced over the weekend that reported Fat Joe and Papoose were involved in a minor scuffle, Fat Joe quickly responded by posting a video denying getting hurt. But now, both rappers have responded, via radio interviews, giving their side of how things went down.

Via an interview with San Francisco radio station KMEL on Monday (March 3), Papoose confirmed the fight rumors, adding that he put “work in” on Fat Joe.

“I’m from Brooklyn, New York, man. We don’t bow down to nobody, we don’t take no BS from nobody,” the rapper said. “This dude came at me sideways, chose to approach me with a bunch of bodyguards and all that, asked me did I have a problem with him. I asked him did he have a problem with me. We got into a scuffle, I did what I did, man. I put my work in.

“I asked the dude for a fair one, Fat Joe,” he continued. “I told him ‘Yo, listen man, let all your mans step outside, my two mans — I only had two dudes with me, he had like nine or ten with him — and me and you do the one on one. He didn’t wanna do that. He refused to do that. So we just got it on like that. I got it on with all them dudes. Don’t deny the facts. He can’t deny the fact that I put my work in.”

(Listen to the audio of the interview here.)

Although he was unclear as to whether or not actual blows were thrown, he clarified, when radio DJ Big Von asked “You tapped him?”

“Hell yeah. I’m from Brooklyn. That’s what we do… I put my work in on the middle of that chin,” Pap said in response.

According to Pap, he believes the friction between himself and Fat Joe began when he did a radio interview with 50 Cent recently, a longtime enemy of Fat Joe.

Fat Joe confirmed that 50 was the root of the problem, via an interview with Big Tigger on New York’s 95.5 radio station on Tuesday (March 4), where he confirmed the fight, but had a much different recollection of what took place.

“The point is this, when you on the radio… with 50 Cent, you laughing and he’s disrespecting Fat Joe, you in the background heheheing and hahahaing, and your wife is Remy Ma and she’s disrespecting Fat Joe on radio and you over there hehehehahaha, and I see you the next day, then I got no choice but you ask you ‘Do we got a problem?’,” Joe explained. “So, [Papoose] acted like he might’ve had a problem. So, Tigger, to tell you the truth, I actually felt sorry for the kid after I gave him the beats. So, I had to explain to him why he got the beats, after…”

Pap said the fight took place Cassidy’s hotel room in North Carolina (both were in town for a concert). When the two actually confronted each other, Pap claims explained that Joe refused to fight him one on one, and for this, he’s lost all respect for his fellow New York rapper.

“If you ask a man for a fair one and you can’t even grant him a fair one and you outweigh him by 100 pounds? Come on man,” Pap explained. “Your whole crew or bodyguards and off duty police seen me ask you for everybody to step out the room and we do this one on one like men. You can never deny that… You should have came like a grown man. You should have came like a G.”

Joe denies that claim, stating he was the one who put hands on Pap. He added, though, that the truth is easy to find, naming rappers Gucci Mane, Cassidy, and Yo Gotti, as witnesses if his story needs backing.

Despite the harsh words on both sides, Fat Joe doesn’t feel Papoose is his real enemy, clarifying that 50 Cent is what sparked the incident and he’s being held responsible.

“50 Cent is the real problem, it ain’t even really Papoose,” said Joe. “I wish he would just come out of hiding and just say ‘Yo Joe, let’s fight one on one and we can get over it there.’

“Who gives 50 Cent the authority to disrespect people, and then all these rappers run and tuck they tail. Fat Joe wants to beef, bring it. I’m not that guy,” he continued.

Fat Joe is currently preparing the release of his next solo album, Elephant In The Room, which hits stores March 11.

As far as Papoose, the rapper says he’s almost finalized a new record deal, which he did not elaborate much on because in his own words “it ain’t final until it’s final.”

Currently, fans can hear new music from Papoose via his 20th mixtape, titled Build Or Destroy. The mixtape is available at MixtapePass.com.

[story was updated March 4, 2008 at 6:08 p.m. EST]

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