Rza, System Of A Down’s Shavo Explain Collabo Album

Rza and Shavo Odadjian - AChozen

Rza and Shavo Odadjian - AChozenWhile fans and Wu-Tang Clan enthusiasts continue to lay down opinions on the group’s latest project 8 Diagrams, the Wu’s founder, the Rza, is moving on to new projects.

His latest project is a group called AChozen, consisting of himself and System Of A Down bassist Shavo Odadjian. The two musicians have been working on the genre blending project since 2005, and now, it’s finally nearing completion.

While Shavo calls the project simply “music” not putting it into any musicial genre categories, Rza told us while in L.A. last week to expect something “very spiritual.”

“It’s definitely a very spiritual album,” Rza explained to BallerStatus.com. “What I mean by spiritual is speaking from my heart. Not that we’re talking and telling you to go get holy water, but we’re speaking from our hearts and I think it’s gonna be a great project ’cause ‘many shall come but few are AChozen.’

“I come from what people call the ‘hip-hop genre’ because people always put music in different genres. But as you grow and become more of a man, you realize music is universal,” the producer/rapper continued. “The genres are only used for the record labels and the magazines and everybody to kinda distinguish what’s what. We all make music, yo, and we love music. It’s our love of music that really brings us together…”

The as-yet-titled project is nearing completion, according to both Shavo and Rza — four verses and mixing is all that’s left.

Shavo revealed to us that while he handled the bulk of the project’s production, Rza did add some of his musical touch when it came to the beats.

Others involved include Wu affiliates Kenetic Nas, Reverend William Burke and Killah Priest. Rza explained that he didn’t wanna reveal too much, so the rest of the appearances would have to be a surprise.

It is expected to be released independently via Ur Session Records, keeping it in-house, instead of getting a major label involved — of course, unless an offer comes up the duo can’t refuse.

“It’s gonna be all family, all in-house. We’re not going to get big corporations involved because that’s when things get messy…,” Shavo told Ballerstatus.com. “Unless they make us an offer we can’t refuse,” Rza added while laughing.

The duo says the album is expected in July, but at press time, there was no confirmed date. Plans for a tour is also in the works, but dates are yet to be announced.

Additionally, the Rza revealed that he is finishing up another Bobby Digital album, which will drop later this year through Koch Records.

“I don’t know about no Rza solo album,” he said when asked if a Rza solo album was in the works, “but we do got a Bobby Digital album that I’m finishing up that will probably come out this year on Koch Records. As far as the Rza solo? The next time you see Rza in the spirit of Rza will be with the band, AChozen, which me and Shavo put together.”

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