T-Pain is not just a hot producer and hook master, he’s also expanding his talents into scouting talent. His latest find is girl trio, Sophia Fresh, one of the first acts signed to his Nappy Boy imprint.

Sophia Fresh — comprised of Skye, Jade and Cole Rose — have been pushing their group for over five years, and after a failed deal with J Records in 2005 as Gyrlfriend, they regrouped, continued to grind and have finally found a home with T-Pain’s Nappy Boy imprint via Atlantic Records. According to the trio, once Atlantic got a taste of what they had to offer musically, T-Pain was brought to the table and it was a wrap.

“Our manager took us up to Atlantic Records, and they had kind of fell in love with a lot of the music and stuff we were doing,” Jade told BallerStatus.com. “They thought it’d make a great pair up with T-Pain and the stuff he was doing because we’re very high energy, very edgy, funky, and they thought it’d be great with Atlantic Records with his production spin on it.”

“They took us to T-Pain, he loved us and the rest is history,” added member Cole Rose.

The girls were excited at the opportunity to work with the vo-coder master, and haven’t wasted any time getting into the studio with him either. The group says they’re already hard at work on their debut, and T-Pain is guiding them and allowing them the creative freedom they’ve yet to experience in the music industry.

“It’s been awesome. The chemistry is crazy,” Cole Rose responded when asked about working with their new boss. “When we were signed to J Records, they had us in like a safe lane, and now we’re free to be Sophia Fresh. We’re free to do whatever — express ourselves. That’s T-Pain. He talks about what he feels and that’s what we’re gonna do.”

While the girls did not reveal too much information about their debut — being that it’s too early in the process of recording — the group did reveal that T-Pain will be heavily involved. They also explained that their album would be an emotional rollercoaster crafted by three very different individuals.

“Definitely expect energy, expect fun, and expect the real because that’s what we’re talking about — just real situations. Expect to laugh, expect to cry… expect everything. We’re three different girls with three different personalities and we’re all showcase,” said Cole.

Sophia Rose are Southern girls, hailing from Texas and Louisiana. Those wanting a first taste of the group can check them out on the “Step Up 2 The Streets” soundtrack, where they landed at track 12 with “Lives In Da Club.”

Sophia Rose joins T-Pain’s roster which already includes rapper Tay Dizm and T-Pain’s original rap group, the Nappy Headz.

For additional information on the trio and more music, visit them on MySpace at MySpace.com/SophiaFresh.