I recently had my first mixtape release party and it was a great event (shout out to Big Ced and Negril Restaurant). Many people came out and celebrated with me and it was definitely a night to remember. Although this was a night to kick back and have fun, it was also something I did to introduce myself to the public, which is vital in this game.

This isn’t really a blog about “networking” (which I’ve already touched on), this is a blog about the importance of face time. You see many people have heard my name and seen or heard my music on the net, but not many have actually “met” me. It’s very important to meet others face to face and just allow people to “touch” you (I don’t mean grope you or nothing, haha, I’m speaking figuratively) because as humans that’s something that is important to our nature.

Just picture yourself as a fan of someone’s music. You might love the music and everything, but why go to concerts? It’s simple, because the experience is something entirely different from just sitting at home listening to someone’s voice. To actually see that artist in person is a totally different dynamic and it makes you feel a lil bit closer to that artist. I always tell people it’s not my music that sells me, it’s my personality. I can’t begin to tell you how many people have thought differently about me after meeting me in person. That might have liked me before, but they loved me after.

Now getting back to the party. Everyone that came out had a great time and left with CDs and promotional items, but more importantly they left with a little piece of myself. That is something that can never be brought or downloaded.

You can check out me and my music on my Myspace page at MySpace.com/DonnyGoines.