The news of an Eminem autobiography was a bit premature, according to a rep from the rapper.

A UK based media out reported earlier this week that Eminem is planning to publish an autobiography entitled Eminem: The Way I Am through Orion Books in October. But, according to Em’s publicist, the info was premature and some of it wasn’t all true.

“It’s unfortunate that someone who does not have intimate knowledge of the book felt compelled to jump the gun on announcing it by delivering partial and inaccurate information,” Eminem’s publicist Dennis Dennehy said via statement.

“The news about the project came from the UK publisher, who is not involved in the day-to-day editing or creation of the book,” he continued, before confirming that Em is, in fact, working on a book.

Dennehy said that Em does have a book in the works in which the rapper “details certain aspects of his personal and professional life,” but the book is still in the process of being edited and does not yet have a firm release date.