Gillie Da Kid’s a busy man, for sure. With a new album set to drop in April, along with numerous mixtapes flooding the streets weekly, the self-proclaimed King of Philadelphia’s having a hard time keeping his schedule straight.

That didn’t stop him from taking some time to sit down with and talk about what’s popping off in Philly, the problem with the record industry today, and that infamous beef with Weezy. What we discovered is that Gillie’s got his mind right, and he might just know exactly what hip-hop needs to stay alive. Check back in April to see if he can provide it. What are you doing right now musically? Do you have anything coming out?

Gillie Da Kid: Finishing up the album right now. Got a mixtape with Little Kid coming out, get it out in Philly. Couple mixtapes out on the streets right now with some affiliates. So I’m just doing it all, baby. You’re still the King of Philly, right?

Gillie Da Kid: Oh, you already know. Is there anything else down in Philly we should be getting excited about?

Gillie Da Kid: There’s a lot of things popping on the streets of Philly, you know what I mean? There’s a lot of people in Philly who are about to make a big impact on the game. You got Peedi Crack, Black Dinero. First Lady B. There’s a lot of people in Philly that are doing their thing, ready to get sh** poppin’. They just waiting for the king to do his thing. How do you feel about the fact that NYC gets so much credit and Philly gets forgotten a lot?

Gillie Da Kid: At the end of the day, I don’t think that we’ve made as much impact as we should. It’s really about time, and at the right time Philly’s gonna get the shine that we deserve. You believe that. The music people are putting out, there’s a difference between putting out a hot song and putting out a hot record. And you’re intention is to put out good records right?

Gillie Da Kid: You gotta put out undeniable hit records. That’s the business that I’m into, that undeniable hit record. Sh** that gets you played on BET. When should we expect your album out?

Gillie Da Kid: I’m lookin’ at April. What kind of sound should we expect on the album?

Gillie Da Kid: You’re gonna hear Philadelphia, you know what I mean? You’re not gonna hear me limit myself, you know? I’m just out to make good music. I don’t care if it’s a Western beat, a down South beat, a New York beat, if the producer’s from London. It don’t matter to me. I just want to make good music. So, like, you can expect a lot of the unexpected. But off the top, you can expect the lyrics, the wordplay, the charisma and the swagger to be better than the sh** you’ve been hearing. Feel what I’m saying? On top of that, the hooks — the concepts to the song — I’m trying to take it back to the time when you’d listen to the album from the front to the back, not when you’d just go buy the album and skip ahead to the song that you know. That seems to be the problem we’re facing in music today.

Gillie Da Kid: Well that’s the game that we’re living in. That’s why record labels aren’t selling. It’s because you’re feeding the public bullsh**. You might have a guy out, wherever, and he got a hot song, and then ya’ll sign him, take his ringtones, put him out. You don’t care if he doesn’t sell any records, because you’re gonna make $3-4 million dollars off his ringtone alone.

You get a bunch of guys with one song, with no groundwork laid down, and then when they sell 20,000 or 40,000, they say “hip-hop’s not selling.” No. The last time I checked, Jeezy has an independent local fan base. He clears 200,000 out the gate. Last time I checked, T.I. had a fan base. He cleared 200,000 in the fan base. I’m talking about a strong underground buzz. A following…

Gillie Da Kid: Exactly. It’s like, if you’re from Philadelphia and you get off a plane in California, before you get to the baggage claim, ten people are saying, “Yo, ain’t you Gillie Da Kid?” You get off a plane in Memphis, and before you can get to your luggage, five people are saying, “Aren’t you Gillie Da Kid?” It don’t matter. If you get off the plane in Arkansas — “Aren’t you Gillie Da Kid?” To me, that’s a win-win situation. Look at my MySpace page, I got 2,000,000 plays, 50,000 friends. Go to YouTube, I got sh** on there with 2,000,000 views, 5,000,000 views. And they’re all buying your record?

Gillie Da Kid: You feel me? You’ve been tied to Lil Wayne. Do you think he’s oversaturating the market with singles and guest verses and should be focusing on his album instead?

Gillie Da Kid: At the end of the day, I don’t have no more beef with Wayne. What Wayne does doesn’t really concern me. But, when I was around Cash Money, the album’s were always getting pushed back seven or eight times. This isn’t me speaking on any hatred or anything towards Lil Wayne because he’s doing him and I’m doing me. He threw his shot at me, and I threw mine back, and I move on from that sh**. But, when you really look at it, he’s always on everybody else’s single. But where’s his undeniable single at? You feel me? Where’s his undeniable single at? You can’t make one by yourself. You’re not capable. No one’s being true to you, saying, “No. We’re gonna change this.”

You got to have Mannie Fresh around. Mannie Fresh was really to the key to what made Cash Money move. You feel what I’m saying? When you look at it, Cash Money Records doesn’t really sell a lot of records. Cash Money is hot because Weezy’s featured on a lot of sh**. They got a lot of videos behind it. But actually, Cash Money selling a lot of records? They don’t sell a lot of records.

As far as anything else, as far as Wayne: I’m really off that situation. I ain’t got no problems with shorty. He threw a shot at me, I threw one back. At the end of the day, he helped me out. If he wouldn’t have ever mentioned me, the spotlight wouldn’t have gotten thrown on me so big. Anything else you’d like to get out?

Gillie Da Kid: All I wanna do is plug my MySpace page. I got a movie coming out this year called “Ex$pendable”, you know what I mean? I got a real big role in it, so I just wanna tell people to be aware of it, you feel me?