Platinum producer DJ Toomp recently revealed that he is in the lab working on a solo project, following in the footsteps of the recent efforts of producers such as Timbaland and Swizz Beatz.

Like Timbaland’s 2007 release, Shock Value, Toomp’s solo album is be a mix-mesh of several genres, but says it will be different from the projects you’ve heard from his peers.

“I’m working on it right now, but it’s not gonna be just straight hip-hop. It’s gonna be a mixture of R&B and hip-hop, kinda like a Quincy Jones album,” Toomp told “I’m not really trying to do a compilation, though. So many people have already done that.”

Surprisingly, Toomp also revealed that he has more tricks of his sleeve than just manning the boards. He said he plans to display his skills as a rapper, something he says he’s always had the ability to do.

“Oh yea, definitely,” he said with a smirk, when asked if he would be rapping on the untitled project. “I got a few other talents I’mma let loose on. I’m a real hip-hop head. I come from every realm of it — from graffiti, rapping, pop locking, DJing and now I’m doing production. I got it all in me, so I’m gonna release it on that album, definitely.”

According to Toomp, the project is in the works and he has a few songs already in the can. So far, guest spots will include the likes of T.I., Rick Ross, Ludacris and Pastor Troy.

He hinted at the possibility of getting Jay-Z on a track, but also said there could be appearances by just about anyone he has a relationship with. It’s just a matter of actually putting the album together before he can confirm anything.

“Everybody I’ve really worked with has been real supportive of what I’ve been doing. I’ve been letting everybody know what I’ve been working on, so it may be an interesting album once I get it together,” said the producer.

As of press time, the producer did not have a title set in stone, explaining that he bases titles around what he’s experiencing at the time, so most likely, a title won’t be sealed until it’s release date nears. He didn’t know where the album would be released through either.

In the meantime, Toomp is staying busy with his production duties. He revealed that he produced a track for Mariah Carey’s forthcoming release, E=MC², called “Loving You Long Time,” and is ecstatic about the success of Los Angeles native G. Malone’s single “Certified.”