Another rapper has been shot. This time it’s Memphis rapper Dirty White.

The rapper was shot twice early Sunday morning (February 17) by four suspects in a red vehicle as he and his girlfriend pulled away from a fast-food restaurant.

Dirty is said to have been shot with a .40 caliber handgun… both of the shots to the head. He recently spoke about the incident to local website,, explaining that one bullet is still lodged in his head, while the other passed through entirely.

However, he’s been left partially deaf in one ear.

“I don’t know if it was road rage or if someone was out to get me,” the rapper told the website. “It seemed as though they were trying to shoot me. My girl was in the car with me, but fortunately she wasn’t hit. Earlier before it happened she did almost cut someone off in the car, so I don’t know if this was road rage or something else. I don’t really have any beefs with anybody really.”

White told local news channel ABC24 that he looked to the left and all he heard was shots. According to the rapper, he turning his head saved his life.

The doctor that treated him said he’s a “walking miracle.”

Dirty White is expected to continue on with his rap career, working with RJ Groove and their Streetz On Lock label.

Right now, though, he’s just happy he’s alive.

“I’m still alive and kicking, I’m just dealing with a big headache,” he told