Tank arrested.

Tank arrested.R&B singer Tank was tased and arrested outside the House of Blues in New Orleans early Monday morning (February 18) on several charges including disorderly conduct.

However, Tank claims he was a victim of police brutality.

The singer and Ira Dewitt, the CEO of Notifi Music Group, were headed for an afterparty for NBA All-Star Weekend at the House of Blues. When they began to walk into the direction of the club, they were blocked from doing so by police men, due to a shooting in the area.

According to an eyewitness account by Ira, the police were rude, harassing both Tank and herself, before telling them they could not enter the area.

In response, Tank told the policemen “Why are you gonna be like that?” Then, immediately began to walk way. That’s when three police alleged attacked Tank and began using their tasers on him.

“We started walking away,” Ira told MediaTakeOut.com, “but they grabbed Tank and threw him against the wall. [The cops] bent one of his arms up and the other arm back and asked him to do something. Tank told them that he couldn’t and before you knew it, there were three cops all over him… and they tased him.”

Tank was arrested and booked, and was reportedly released on bail Monday.

One source told BallerStatus.com that several police officers were actually overheard making sexual comments about the woman after Tank was in custody. However, Julia Beverly, founder of Ozone magazine, added that “overall the police in New Orleans this weekend (in my experience) did a good job of keeping things safe without being overbearing.”

The singer was coming off his first two Grammy nominations — for Male R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B album for Sex, Love & Pain. While he did not win, he was excited about the nominations beforehand.