G-Unit member, Young Buck, debuted his David Brown Clothing label at the MAGIC fashion tradeshow in Las Vegas beginning Tuesday (February 12) through Friday (February 15).

In town with his manager, Sha Money XL, the rapper hustled his David Brown line — named after his government name — picking up several retailer accounts and showcasing brand new designs to other potentials.

“I’ve made a lot of money,” an excited Buck told BallerStatus.com of the reaction from fashion industry folk. “I got the hottest, the newest, the flyest, and it’s the most affordable. David Brown Clothing is in stores. Make sure you get up on my gear, you gonna see it everywhere.”

The jump into fashion was a natural step for the rapper, using his music success as a stepping stone into other ventures and this is only the beginning, he says.

“[Starting a line has] always been something that I wanted to put my mind to.” Buck said. “I’m real hands-on with everything. I’ve always been one of them dudes that’s real stylish and everything. I like to be one-of-a-kind and I like to stand out. So when I got into the position, I used rap as a stepping stone to get off into these other things like the movies, the clothing lines…”

In addition to his shirt line, Buck has also launched a jewelry company called David Brown Jewelers with its first products being his Tenakey Timepieces.

“According to Buck, there is a variety of choices in his timepiece collection, ranging from $500 t0 $500,000, meeting most anyone’s budget.

While he has yet to launch a store online, one is forthcoming. For more information, visit DavidBrownClothing.com and DavidBrownJewelers.com.

In related news, Buck decided to address all the rumored tension between himself and G-Unit founder 50 Cent, confirming 50’s recent comments that Buck is still very much down with the Unit.

“I’m doing me, I’m getting to the money. I put the ‘G’ in G-Unit and I ain’t going no where regardless of whatever you may hear. Me and 50 good. I’m not with Cash Money,” Buck told BallerStatus.