Jim Jones

Dipset’s Jim Jones recently spoke on the rumored turmoil within his camp between himself and Cam’ron, and once again denied any beef between the pair.

In an interview with Complex.com, the rapper pledged his allegiance to Cam, calling him a brother and leader, and confirmed that their still in business together.

“We’re all grown men. At the end of the day, we’re still friends, we’re still brothers,” Jones told the magazine. “Juelz took a moment off to get his music together and come back stronger than ever. Cam took his own hiatus and that’s what goes on. As far as we’re concerned it’s still Diplomats, it’s all Diplomat business, nothing’s changed, the bird still flies high. Byrd Gang/Skull Gang, let’s do it.”

As far as the two rappers actually talking, Jones said that he and Cam actually ran into each on Christmas Eve — while getting money at the bank.

“We were both in the bank doing bank withdrawals,” the rapper explained. “In the best place we could ever run into each other, in the bank ’cause we’re getting money, ya dig? That’s that Diplomat shit right there… I’m like shit we’re still getting money, I can’t get mad. That’s just for Christmas, just for the pocket.”

The pair seemed to have fallen out over the past year or so. And in September 2007, the situation seemed to get worse when Jim Jones and Juelz Santana joined 50 Cent on stage during a performance in Manhattan. As many of you know, Cam and 50 haven’t been on the best of terms as of late.

Despite what it may have looked like to the public, Jones explained that it’s business and a way to gain publicity for his own solo career — something Cam can’t be mad about.

“[Cam’ron] can’t tell me what I can do. I’m a grown man. I’m a boss of this sh–. What I do for my own career and what I do for publicity is what I do,” Jones said. “I always have my own edge, and there’s a method to my madness. It works for me and it works for us at the end of the day… As long as it’s not going to taint the brand, you can’t tell me sh–.”

Jones goes on to talk about Jay-Z, his deal with Sony and questions about him being able to repeat the success of his biggest hit to date “We Fly High.”

Read the rest of the interview at Complex.com.