Krayzie Bone, of the veteran group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, is headed down the Hollywood road like several of his peers. The rapper recently revealed that he’s gearing up for a western film he’s been crafting for years, tentatively titled “Ghetto Cowboy.”

“I just did a deal for this movie that I had… this ‘Ghetto Cowboy’ movie. It’s a western movie that I’ve been working on for a couple years now,” Krayzie told “I finally got a situation for it.”

According to the rapper, the movie’s setting will take place in the late 1800s, a time when black Americans were still dealing with the aftermath of slavery within the U.S.

The film’s main character grew up in this time, and eventually joins the Army as a way out, but soon realizes it’s no better for him serving his country than it is a civilian. So, he decides to take to a life of crime and becomes an outlaw in the old west.

“It’s really a good story,” said Krayzie. “It’s got a little bit of black history in it. It’s about a dude who’s family were slaves. He went to the Army, thinking it was gonna be better for him, but when he got there, he found out that it wasn’t. After that, he became an outlaw. He became one of the few black outlaws that you hear about.”

Right now, the film is in its planning stages. Its roles have yet to be cast, but Krayzie hopes to bring on other rap artists as well as actors to fill out the film’s roles.

Krayzie did confirm, however, that he would be starring in the film.

The screenplay has been written by Dallas Jackson, who also co-produced and wrote the screenplay for Master P’s 2007 film “Uncle P.”

There is no set date for when production will begin, but the rapper said he plans to begin filming last this year.

In related news, Krayzie Bone is also working on his next solo album. Right now, he’s in the studio with Dallas producer duo, Play N Skillz, and has knocked out several tracks.

The latest joint he’s finished is a track with Play N Skillz, Bun B and Lil Jon. It’s not clear whether the track will be included on the album, but he said it should leak soon.

He is in talks of releasing the solo project through Play N Skillz recently launched G4 Records, but nothing is finalized as of yet.

The album is expected to drop later this year.