Rumors circulated around the web Monday morning (February 11) claiming that Benzino had made some disparaging comments about Fat Joe and Trina in the latest issue of his Hip Hop Weekly magazine.

According to the rumors, Zino said that he engaged in sexual relations with Fat Joe’s wife and had gotten rapper Trina pregnant, which she aborted.

The rumors are false though. In fact, the whole report was a hoax. There’s no story in which Zino said any of the alleged comments.

“The Fat Joe and Benzino cover under the name Hip Hop Weekly and the corresponding headline that is circulating on the internet is not only a libelous falsehood misleadingly written in the voice of Benzino, but also a blatant copyright infringement against the publication,” said a rep for the magazine.

The magazine rep also apologized to readers about the misunderstanding. “We apologize to any readers who have been misled in believing that this false cover is a product of Hip Hop Weekly.”

The hoax article and cover which featured both Fat Joe and Benzino on the cover is not the actual cover. The magazine’s latest cover features Young Buck, in which he discusses his next moves outside of G-Unit.

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