Former No Limit Records recording artist, Mr. Serv-On, is gearing up to return to the public, but it won’t be with music. Nope, he’s prepping a new book.

The rapper has written relationship guide, “hip-hop styles,” said his rep. The book is titled Inside the Mind of Brothas: A Young Black Man’s Ultimate Guide for Black Women Trying To Survive The Dating Game in Today’s Hip-Hop Generation.

According to Mr. Serv-On, the idea for the book came about after overhearing a conversation at dinner of black women bashing black men.

“They decided to ask my opinion on things,” said the rapper, “and I angrily responded explaining that black women’s hearts get broken 70% of the time because of their own blind misjudgment and greediness for a man based on his outside attributes or his sexual greatness coupled with her lack of maintaining control of a situation she initially owns and controls.”

The rapper says the book is intended to teach black women about men within the industry such as himself, ultimately helping them find the right man.

“I hope to teach women about today’s black men in the hip-hop community, so that they playing fields will become equal and every black woman will end up with the right guy,” Mr. Serv-On explained. “But also so that we can stop hearing, ‘men are dogs.'”

But, this book is not strictly for women either, he says. Serv-On says guys will learn a thing or two as well.

“Black men should read this too because you will find situations you are probably involved in and could never figure out why she is acting the way she does,” he said. “You might also even learn some game! But all in all, I hope through this book, we learn about each other.”

Being the rapper he is though, he will also release an accompanying CD. Tracks from the CD will be leaked, along with digital excerpts from the book via very soon.

At press time, the book’s publishers and a release time frame were not revealed, but is said to be revealed very soon.

Additionally, Mr. Serv-On is prepping Life Insurance II, which will hit stores in the coming months.