The public has speculated for some time about a rift in the G-Unit camp, specifically between 50 Cent and Young Buck. Most recently, fans across the net started to talk when Buck was absent from G-Unit’s latest mixtape.

The new tape, titled Return Of The Bodysnatchers Vol. 1, leaked just this week, and while Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks appear on the cover alongside 50, Buck is no where in sight.

But despite what it may look like on the surface, 50 says there’s an explanation. He explained the situation recently on Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Radio show on Sirius Shade 45.

“It looks crazy because he just ain’t there, then you come back and see the tape and he ain’t there, but it’s not what people think it is,” 50 said.

The G-Unit founder goes on to say that during the recording of the tape, Buck was busy with other things, so he wasn’t able to record with the crew.

“It felt like there was nothing out there, so we went in and recorded it in one weekend, the Return of the Bodysnatchers,” he explained. “There’s been a lot of speculation because Buck is just on that one joint, that wasn’t recorded during the process of making this tape, that joint was something we did awhile back.”

Another reason fans, especially overseas, think there’s something wrong is that Buck wasn’t present for their recent overseas tour. Buck recently said he didn’t understand why.

“It makes me feel like ‘What’s going on?’ When you see a video, everybody’s there, and no Buck,” Buck said during an interview on Phoenix, Arizona radio station Power 98.3. “Or you see your man moving overseas on tour with the camp, G-Unit. Or you go to and you see G-Unit pictures that’s there without Buck’s face. And then there’s no communication, so I don’t really understand why a lot of things is what it is.”

50 however, said it’s a misunderstanding, and once again is due to scheduling conflicts.

“During the actual international tour, Buck was scheduled to go on the ‘Young Rich Tour’ — the tour Sha Money was putting together for him and Rich Boy — and I didn’t know that didn’t actually materialize while I was overseas,” explained 50. “[And] that’s why they didn’t see Buck overseas with us. He was in Nashville while we was in New York the weekend we decided to put the tape together.”

From the looks of it, as Buck said, there seems to be no communication between Buck and the Unit, which is why it looks bad, but doesn’t seem to be, according to 50.

Time will tell if their relationship gets better, so that these types of things aren’t a misunderstanding.