The Beastie Boys’ MCA recently revealed that he will launch an indie film company called Oscilloscope Pictures, which will distribute films within the U.S.

According to, the rapper (real name: Adam Yauch) has enlisted former ThinkFilm vp David Fenkel to run the company, which will be a branch off of his music and film production company, Oscilloscope Laboratories.

He plans to buy narrative and documentary features from film festivals to release in the U.S., and funds to complete unfinished films.

In the first year, MCA says Oscilloscope will hopefully release two to 10 films, all backed by his company and the filmmakers he makes deals with.

“We’re not looking to throw big (minimum guarantees) at filmmakers or have lawyers throw numbers at us demanding a big minimum P&A,” Yauch told “It’s been the downfall of many distributors.”

The company’s first theatrical release will be announced within the next month, reports Billboard, and will hit theaters by the summer.