As anticipation builds for Sunday’s (February 3) Super Bowl XLII, everyone’s making predictions. You got sports analysts, gamblers, bookies and everyone else trying to predict the future.

Even video game developer, EA, weighed in — as they do every year — using their “Madden” football game to predict the championship game’s winner — they say the New England Patriots by the score of 38-30.

The undefeated New England Patriots are poised to make history with quarterback Tom Brady leading the way, but the New York Giants got something to prove as well, and their quarterback Eli Manning (younger brother of the Colts’ Peyton Manning) does to — to prove that he can do what his superstar brother couldn’t.

But, what do the celebs think? And what about the hip-hop community?

Here’s a list of quotes from several entertainment figures compiled from various sources (including,

Serena Williams (tennis player): “Giants, because of Eli Manning being the younger brother.”

Dwyane Wade (NBA player): “Patriots, 27-17. New England because they are destined to win.”

Young Buck (rapper from G-Unit): “I wanna see New York bring it on home. New York has done way more for me personally than New England has, so I wanna see them go ahead and do it.”

Big Noyd (rapper): “I think the Giants actually have a good chance because they’re unbeatable when it comes to the road trips… I’m thinking it will be 21-35, something like that, Giants favor.”

Shaquille O’Neal (NBA player): “Giants, 21-20, because the Pats have too much pressure to run the table and New York will take advantage of the situation.”

Randy Jackson (“American Idol”): “New England Patriots by a touchdown, trust me!”

Omar Epps (actor): “Patriots, 35-24. The Patriots are on the verge of making history. What better motivation can one need?”

Ruben Studdard (singer): “Patriots over the Giants 37-13. New York has had a great season, but after it is all said and done, New England will be perfect.”

Killer Mike (rapper): “I’ve been watching Eli since Ole Miss. I think he’s gonna be big as Peyton, but he’s finna take an L to Brady… So I call the Pats by 6. Moss or Brady MVP.”

Gabrielle Union (actress): “The fact that [the Patroits] they won [their last playoff game] with wide receivers who nobody heard of says volumes.”

Bill O’Reilly (Fox TV host): “Giants, 31-30. Destiny.”

John Cena (WWE wrestler): “Patriots, 34-14. With a video game-esque offense, the Patriots will secure a spot as one of the greatest teams to ever take the field.”

Shawty Lo (rapper from D4L): “Eli is gonna take it. Everybody is rooting for the New England Patriots, but I’m going with the underdog. I feel they gonna pull it out. It’s gonna be a real big upset.”

Ice-T (rapper/actor): “Don’t choke. I hope they just beat everybody down. New York will be a better place after it.”

Lebron James (NBA player): “Patriots, 34-14, because their offense is so powerful.”

Although Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers are slated to rock the NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show, singer Alicia Keys has been chose for the pre-game entertainment, which she said she has given a lot of thought about.

“It feels wonderful to be in your country and representing so many groups of people, all walks of life,” she said during a press conference on Thursday (January 31). “And music goes along with that, so I think for like something that I’m going to do for the pre-show, I’m just basically going to take you by your neck [grab your attention] and demand that you watch me.”

This year’s National Anthem will be handled by “American Idol” Jordan Sparks.

The game will kick-off on Sunday, February 3rd at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona. It will air 6 p.m. EST on Fox.