They say patience is a virtue. I say patience is something you have to learn. This game is funny. Some things might not happen when you want them to, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t happen. Many things that occur have to do with “timing” and it’s something you should be aware of.

Timing is something you can and can’t control. Many times things happen at time when you least expect them, but if you’re smart you will learn how to utilize timing to your advantage. Timing is a good tool to help with your publicity, money, music, etc. And you need to plan accordingly. There are too many various examples to single out anything, but I will give you a couple of thoughts and ideas that I know or my team use.

A) Release music on certain days at certain times – When emailing music, you don’t want to send it out when no ones in the office, so sending it after 6 is usually a no go (unless you plan on them getting to them tomorrow, which also is a good strategy sometimes). You also don’t want to send people music the first thing in the morning either (think about how many other people do that?) Try sending it mid-day. Also avoid sending it on Monday morning because the inbox is usually flooded from accumulated mail from over the weekend.

B) Take meetings at certain times of the year – Now during the first quarter is usually your best bet. New Year, new money, etc. The fourth quarter is usually the worst (Big releases and big budgets are spent, also during the holidays people are not thinking about business). Also you should wait till you have leverage (more money and control to negotiate with).

C) Learn to keep constant presence – If you time the release of news, music, etc., you can really keep your face out there (this will probably take the help of a publicist unless you extremely patient and savvy with the press, Thanks Mel ;-).

These are just a few tips, but understand this. Timing is used properly can really make a huge difference in several situations. Be smart about it.

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