TMI Boyz, Wendy Day Explain Kia Shine Incident

Memphis, Tennessee rapper Kia Shine and Texas Group, the TMI Boyz, were rumored to have gotten into a fight during Sunday’s (January 27) 5th Annual SEA Awards in Tunica, Mississippi.

While it was reported, by other media, as a brawl, statements from the TMI camp and Wendy Day — the woman Kia Shine verbally attacked — say the incident only last minutes, consisted of one punch and the show went on immediately after without incident.

Apparently, Kia Shine vented his frustrations toward hip-hop music veteran Wendy Day — founder of the not-for-profit Rap Coalition, which helps to educate rappers about record contracts and business, so they aren’t taken advantage of — while on stage to present an award.

Shine was upset over comments Day said just two days prior in regards to labels faking sales, in which Kia Shine’s name was brought up. During his tirade, Day got up from her seat and headed back stage to confront the rapper quietly, so they could talk. But, according to Wendy, Kia Shine began yelling and screaming at her, and that’s when the TMI Boyz came to her aid and the incident took place.

“He said some very hurtful things about me to a very public forum,” said Wendy Day in a statement. “I have built my reputation over many years on helping artists, often for free, so it hurt me to hear him say that I had moved to his city and raped its artists for money.

“Although I knew that I was not in danger because I have known Kia for many years, members of TMI Boyz are not familiar with him and saw only a very large, very angry man behaving as if he may get violent. They reacted out of an instinct to protect a woman they felt was in danger; a blow was [thrown] and Kia was hit,” she continued.

Security were immediately dispatched before the punch took place, so before it went any further, Kia Shine was escorted out of the building, according to the TMI camp, and the show carried on with a performance by Atlanta rapper, B.O.B.

“The 5th Annual SEA’s were outstanding, attracting a record crowd of artists and industry folk to Tunica, MS,” said Day. “The scuffle was unfortunate, but it in no way marred this wonderfully positive event.”

In other news, the TMI Boyz are enjoying some much deserved shine, gracing the pages of the current issues of XXL and Envy magazines, and will also appear in the March issue of The Source.

This week, though, the Texas group earned a featured spot on’s Music section. They will be releasing an indie album, titled Grindin’ for a Purpose, in February.

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