Vida Guerra Plays Host For New Car TV Show

By Staff  |  01/28/2008

Vida Guerra on the set of 'Livin' The Low Life'

Curvaceous model, Vida Guerra, is taking her picture perfect body to TV screens in February as she plays host for a new TV show based around the customization of lowriders.

The Cuban-born model will be hosting a new show on the Speed network called "Livin' The Low Life," a weekly program that will look into the Los Angeles born culture of low riders, the modifications done to make them hop and everything that comes along with them -- the carshows, etc.

Making the leap from magazines to TV was not hard for Guerra, who says the show will just be her having fun.

"With 'Low Life,' I'm just being myself ... hanging out and having fun," said Guerra in a statement. "If there was something new for me it was that I had to learn about the cars by asking a lot of questions. So, I'm actually speaking for the audience. From my questions I hope that people will learn to appreciate not only the cars but also the people who build them."

Vida's curvaceous figure and famous plump backside helped her shoot to stardom when she first appeared in a photo spread in a 2002 issue of men's magazine, FHM.

Since then, she's been a constant staple in magazines, music videos and has even dabbled in acting and commercials. Her website,, boasts more than a million visitors per year.

Lowrider culture developed in Mexican-American communities throughout California, Texas and the southwest in the late 1930s and developed into a full-fledged lifestyle by the 1970s that included music and fashion.

"Livin' The Low Life" is set to premiere on SPEED on February 21 at 10:30 p.m. ET.