Nate Dogg Paralyzed After Stroke, But Expected To Recover

The once “go to” man for hooks, singer Nate Dogg, is reportedly paralyzed on the left side of his body after suffering from a stroke during the holidays.

After being reported during the first days of the New Year’s, the only information regarding the rapper’s condition is that he spent nearly eight days confined to a hospital bed at the Pomona Valley Hospital from December 19th until December 26th when he was originally reported as released.

MTV just got word that he is still suffering from the mild stroke, from his manager on Thursday (January 17). Despite being paralyzed, Nate Dogg (real name: Nathaniel Hale) is expected to make a full recovery.

He is currently residing in an occupational rehab facility.

“Time will tell everything, obviously. The doctor can only guess what the outcome will be,” the singer’s rep, Rod McGrew, told MTV. “But based on situations with similar people his age, and based on his health, the prognosis is good right now.”

Earlier this week, more information regarding Nate’s stroke surfaced on TMZ, when the gossip site released an audio clip — that McGrew confirmed with MTV — of Nate Dogg’s girlfriend phoning 911 after the singer collapsed.

With the current situation, McGrew asked that Nate and his family be given privacy as he recovers from the unfortunate event. But did say that the singer welcomes all the support he has received thus far.

“On behalf of Nate, he would like to thank all of the well wishers, both friends and fans,” McGrew said. “He appreciates it deeply, and he plans on fully recuperating and getting back in the studio.”

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