50 Cent Responds To Gza, Says Rza Is Responsible For Building Wu-Tang

If you hadn’t heard or read on the internet by now, the Wu-Tang Clan’s Gza went on a rant during a show in London earlier this month and during this rant he took a small shot at 50 Cent saying the G-Unit founder had no lyrics.

Well, the video footage of the show leaked to YouTube and 50 Cent came across it while browsing the net, so during a recent interview on Shade 45, 50 went in on the veteran rapper, mocking his age among and even defended Soulja Boy — who GZA also took a shot at during the show — among other things.

“Recently I seen a video on YouTube and the video was of the GZA, that’s short for The Genius. He’s a ‘Genius,’ I’m sure everyone else has forgotten who he is also,” 50 Cent said during the interview. “This guy gets on stage and obviously he’s drunk, and he starts talking about Soulja Boy who is 16 years old. Shout out to Soulja Boy. Soulja Boy’s hot, he had a hot song, he produced the record. Genius should shut up, just shut up! Kid is 16 years old and we Goggled you; you were born in ’66. He was born in 1966 (laughs). Listen, I have an old school Chevy Impala your age.

“This doesn’t make any sense. The Genius from Wu-Tang has declared all out war on Soulja Boy! It makes no sense. Now I understand why an artist would throw a little animosity towards me. Of course, I’ve been dominant. In fact, if you like me I’m gonna wonder why? I’m taking all the money,” he added.

This little response by 50 didn’t end there. He also spoke his mind on the entire Wu-Tang Clan and their very public family feud between Ghostface, Raekwon and the RZA, saying that the RZA deserves credit for the group’s success.

“It’s really upsetting to me with what’s going on with Wu-Tang right now. I hear they are upset with The RZA,” 50 commented. “[RZA] started the Wu-Tang, he made the beats. Ok, sure, yes he has all the money and his brother made 20 percent of everything. RZA and his brother made the money, that’s alright, but they deserve it. They designed it, they built it. The rest of them n****s was on dust and not paying attention to what was going on at the time.”

As the conversation about the Wu went on, one of the men on the phone asked 50 about Method Man, which resulted in 50 pledging his love for Meth’s music, calling him his “favorite” member of the Clan.

“Method Man is my favorite,” he exclaimed. “Method Man — out of the entire Wu Tang — is my favorite.”

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