As reported Friday, Bay Area rapper Spice 1 is recovering in a East Bay hospital after being shot last Monday (December 3) in front of his parents’ Hayward, California home.

Now, the rapper explains the story himself from his hospital bed.

According to what the 37-year-old rapper (real name: Robert Green) told, the shooting happened just as widely reported, and as we originally reported.

“I was just sitting in my car,” Spice told the local paper. “I parked in front of my mom’s house. I went to sleep because I don’t like to wake her up that late.”

The rapper went on to explain that he was sitting in his black Cadillac Escalade listening to music, eating a plate of leftover spaghetti and talking on his cell phone.

After falling asleep, he awoke and noticed someone standing next to the vehicle.

“I woke up. I see the dude and I start banging on the window. He got scared and ran and fired the pistol while he was running away,” the rapper explained.

According to the paper, the bullet went through the passenger-side window, grazing Green’s chin before striking him in the upper left side of his chest, as we originally reported (hit in the chin and chest, but was only shot at once).

Spice’s mother, Jean Green-Craven, heard the rapper banging on the front door. When she answered he was pulling off his jacket and shirts, she told

“I can’t believe those fools shot me,” Spice told her.

Green-Craven saw drops of blood falling onto her carpet and a hole in her son’s chest, which is when she called 9-1-1.

As she dialed, Spice went to the kitchen for a glass of water and collapsed, she said.

Since then, Spice has received stitches where the bullet had grazed his chin. According to the report, the bullet passed through his chest, puncturing his lung before lodging in the muscles of his back, but the bullet could not be removed.

He is in a lot of pain, his mother said, but is recovering.

The rapper has checking emails from his bed and is thankful for the support.

He told the paper that he is working on a new album, and this unfortunate incident gives him “something to work with.”

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